AFK — Magic: The Gathering – Commander

Broadcast 2017-06-23

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Dennis Christofer says:

If you reach 7 thrulls, Endrek Sahr dies because the Thrulls rebell on him. Check the Gamepedia article on the Order of the Ebon Hand for more on that.

Stefano Corno says:

Only Cam could have won with the Pauper deck

Chano the Kidd says:

50:22 “Fucking Cameron! Let me play Magic the Gathering!”
I’m dead

D. Coll says:

Oh Graham went to the Plastic Beach tour as well?! I got that shirt! It shrunk so much and now its a girl friend shirt :p

Keegan Lucas says:

More of this plz. Love you guys coming with your own fun brews.

Hunter says:

Really needed a blue deck i think, good video though!

Gandalf der Graue says:

1:58:15 You can only regenerate creatures you control. 🙂

Michael Molzan says:

They still die but they don’t go to the graveyard.

Cthulhu3C says:

Yaknow, given Penelope, there’s a relatively high likelihood that Graham was “cock”y at one point of another (I’m so sorry)

Les Stewart says:

“Fucking Cameron; let me play Magic the Gathering!!!”
Probably my favourite moment, especially because Cam gets to be a wise Blue player.
Cam’s story about moving to a new town definitely resonated as well 😛

Michael Wade says:


110890nick says:

why is it cameron can cast a instant 1:50 and dont pay the land?. i payed the land befor his turn but turned the lands again.???

Osiris261 says:

Dictate of Kruphix+Notion Thief get that card draw going ;D

Michael Cabrera says:

I like ben’s nails

Gzly says:

dudes that wear nail polish are fucking gay

SwiftrunnerXXY says:

I thought Cam was going to storm off there.

Also that Cheatyface story – he actually legitimately cheated there. You can cheat Cheatyface into play but *only from your hand* – you have to draw it naturally.

Custersword says:

Yes I love commander streams! More more!

Brian Laws says:

Cathleen’s deck would barely be considered competitive at a casual game. Unfun? She’s playing a straight-forward and fair tribal deck. I mean, the entire table freaked out over Gifted Aetherborn of all things…

Servant of Osiris says:

yes locust god would make a great one. a really fucking op one too. combined with purphoros and wheels, you win

Dimitri Kopansky says:

I am diggin’ Ben’s nails in this.

That is Ben, right?

DerpWhale says:

WAIT did gram have a Gorrilaz T-shirt on, and also I NEED MOAR!

Andrew James says:

Why not name him ustice

Kyle Scheirmann says:

Is the center of the board, video edited in or did they build/program a contraption to do that “Last card played” overlay? I want to replicate it if possible

Eli Collins says:


Ian James says:

Dark Heart of the Wood was the first MTG card I ever saw, back around the winter of 1994. The cool artwork stuck in my mind!

William Vaughn says:

How is it they keep forgetting commanders do not trigger dies after they had a discussion about it earlier in the video

110890nick says:

why is it cam untab so many times after he but something down?

Moistened Mann says:

why is graham so short with kathleen

YourEverydayIdiot says:

This was on my B-Day!

SeanxEgg says:

Smoke weed 2 hours ago.

Brett COLANGELO says:

can you put the decklists somewhere?

Jjdude101 says:

This earned them a sub :3

Erik Wright says:

I guess its kind of relieving to see that every play group has the ‘crybaby’ player when they get targeted. ‘cough’ BEN’ cough’. Still as annoying as always though.

Jacob Johnson says:

It looks like they’re playing on a pyramid.

Marc Johnston says:

Normally Ben swears up a storm, but around the ladies, he watches his words. Interesting…

phancypheet says:

lmfaooo smoke weed 2 hours ago marry me kathleen

y2923 says:

Were guild gates once commons?

Michael Thrower says:

Hi Kathleen

GamerMc93 says:

Dear God I’m glad the mics don’t pick up their table tapping. I was listening with a headset and though there was an super intense racquet ball game going on two rooms down xD

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