Ando Tries: Magic The Gathering!!

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Today I vlog about my trip to The Magic The gathering Grand Prix event in Melbourne AKA a sweet magic the gathering tournament! Was so much much learning to play magic as well as finding out one or two quirky things about the card game.


Irene Lerma says:

Please can I have some

Pokemon Trainer Fish says:

mtg ftw i love ittt

Arcane Scientists says:


undermon 101 says:

I love magic the gathering you should open magic more often

The Red Kaiju says:

Hey ando what was that song you were playing when you were talking about the clock just wondering for my vids

Scott Flipbook says:

can i have a small deck
i play in tournaments

Luka Kokol says:


David Bauman says:

I play it

Pam Schaafsma says:

add mtg stuff ti your channel

Mackinnon Bulman says:

my cousin has obsessed he 15 thousand or more they give me a box and i can chose which ones

Firebeast Gaming says:

I know how to play magic but I don’t like it pokemon is better

Quinton Hedgepeth says:

Pretty please?!?!

Shah Nabkel says:

Plz can I have a fat pack or deck

Mr. Panther says:

i play magic

PolarCaps official says:

I have seen my friend playing it with some other people at my school so naturally being very “Overly cirious” I asked them what they were doing they all said “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT MAJIC THE GATHERING IS” I said no then sat next them to watch them.

James Van Den Brekel says:

your lucky in pokemon AND IN MAGIC PLZ TRY YU GI OH

Jacob Playz says:

I live in Melbourne

Pam Higuchi says:

Make another magic video

angel whispers says:

total wish i’d found the channel in time to enter this giveaway.

S Jeffery says:

Yeah keep up hard work ando

Carri Dorr says:

i got a jumbo flip in a new pack eldrich moon

natasha gillis says:

why not yugioh

Amber Aldstadt says:

I switched over to mtg. More people playing and super fun

Slimesbyeden TV says:


SirEpicCheese says:

This got me into Magic. Thanks Ando!

NerdKilloP says:

YES! Ando plays mtg!

Seb Teague says:

well done. I had to get 3 booster boxes

Nooshika Gaming says:

MAGIC FANS!!!! Believe me or not I have all gods, Jace and Over 1000 cards.

(i spent 1 year and over $300 getting those though)

Thomas Hutchings says:

join us ando

Blistering Rage Gaming says:

I love magic I’ve been playing since I was 7. I’m 15 now and I’ve already won a modern tournament

Andrew Obermayer says:

Hey you what’s that sound every body look what’s going down ahh yes ain’t that fresh every body wants to get down like that leave a like I you know what song that is

Leaf Tube says:

Wow he actually said a bad word for first

Alejandro Hernandez says:


ZanzaKlaus says:

I can’t believe you opened a Masterpiece in your first pack. That’s some grade A fortune man, that card’s worth some serious money.

I AM M3NTAL says:

When I started Mtg like Ando, I got a Thought Knot Seer, a really cool card allows you to eliminate a nonland card from your opponents deck

Bob Thomas says:


Chronojet Flareon says:

For people who wanna get into magic, interesting fact I think you might wanna know. Those starter packs ando got can be get FREE OF CHARGE in a lot of mtg official stores. So if u want them, yh… But be warned, if you ever got too into magic, your wallet will start crying for its mother that it do not even have

Eathine 51 says:

hey Ando if u ever need any help with mtg let me know I’ve been playing it from the beginning

I can't think of one says:

I got THREE flip cards on my first deck

ZachtheCreeper26 says:

lol I’ve been playing for 8 years and have only gotten 2 expeditions

diggity dawg says:


Ryan Dragunas says:

How the fuck did you pull an expedition filter land? those shits are really expensive even when they’re just the regular lorwyn ones

Luka Batković says:

Andos logic one of the rooms in the hotel that he booked is his…

Steven Zicherman says:

I have two planeswalkers

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