DRAFT – Magic: The Gathering | Kaladesh Tournament (Games Night)

It’s Magic: The Gathering! We start a tournament and today it’s the draft where we choose what cards we put into our decks.
|| Watch the rest of the tournament on the Games Night channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NWHCkeyJdc
This video was made with the assistance of Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic the Gathering!
|| Check out the brand new Games Night channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClhmd2Xe3zrYfuarqV-shKA

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John lenon says:

Is it just me or did the link they put in the description lead to nowhere

Saffire Power says:

Just wondering why you don’t upload the games night live stream? my friend missed it and I want to re watch it with her. it’s so funny and I really don’t understand why you didn’t upload it..

Ethan Styles says:

um… not draft

Colin Laidlaw says:

imagine having a creature whose power/toughness is equal to your life total + another creature who gives you life equal to one of your creatures toughness (it might be power), I reached 320 life before my opponent switched our life totals.

Kendal Cannon says:

Foil Dovin Baan, yeah id take that.

Joshua N/A says:

Menace doesn’t mean unblockable. It means that it can only be blocked by two or more creatures.

The Z.A.K Gamers says:

“I’m white, so i can take what i want” – Sjin – 2016

Xavier Aubin says:

Ogre resister: He didn’t have a word for home, but he knew it was something to be defended.
That’s my personal favorite flavor text.

bread master says:

yugiohs better

Caelan Roder says:

12:20 that burn

trackercast - wilus says:

My brother has Aradara Express as well

Cancerous Crab says:

“Duncan’s taking a little black now”- Lewis Brindley, 2k16

Anthony White says:

The best flavor text is the Blazing Archon.
“Through the haze of battle I saw the glint of sun on golden mane, the sheen of glory clad in mail, and I dropped my sword and wept at the idiocy of war.”
—Dravin, Gruul deserter

Kabsef says:

Wtf did sjin just pull a foil planeswalker.

harrison lewis says:

Yogscast are slowly dying because they have stopped doing what people wanted like yogsquest or tekkit like all the OG videos . But now they just do the same old shit

Vinyl Scratch says:

My fav flavour text is indestructiblity:
By all means, keep trying

Liam Ruff says:

“I’m Wight so I can take what I want” sijn 2016

Logan Harris says:

Took them long enough to do magic

BrO'Neill says:

play yu gi oh

Whatluke10 says:

Actually your supposed to pass it the other direction on your next pack.

Alex Jackson says:

this was actually sealed not draft but it doesnt really matter

SeraphSalt says:

fucking Lewis at the beginning lol

knight owo says:

sjin is the wurst

Huzabul says:

If you can’t see his face, Duncan looks like a woman

HATCH 186 says:

HAHAHA toms face was fuckin CLASS!!!

Xavier Jessep says:

“I am white, so I can take what I want.” – Sjin 2016

Chantapat Sheanakul says:

Mtg best tg

Paul Baluk says:

and then there’s Sjin with the pocket FOIL PLANESWALKER….

Kydragon says:

one of my favorite channels playing my favorite cardgame :DD

Jimmy Bilbert says:

Foil Dovin Baan wat

yogsbros1st says:

i love this please put gamesnight on its own channela dn do what the people want its fun to whatch our favorite nerdy board games be played like mtg pathfinder etd

Pawel Habrajski says:

“I’m white I can take whatever I want” Paul ‘Sjin’ 2016 LMAO

FireRed says:

That card Dancan got isn’t the most OP card, my friend has a card that has vigilance, lifelink and says: At 40 health or above you win the game.

Peter schoenbreker says:




CountryBump29 Gaming says:

yes play more magic

SlimeyDragon says:

What’s on Sjin’s T-shirt?

Nicholas Szahowski says:


flocodile beats says:

finally. i was hoping for a while to see Magic+YogsCast

Tarmoghoyf Mtg says:

Gorilla titans vlavour text is “I want a banana this big” it’s pretty good

Joshua N/A says:

Don’t know how I missed this. Rectifying that now.^_^

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