England National Championship 2017 Finals

Finals of 2017 England National Championship
Format: Standard

Ross Broxup (Mardu Vehicles) vs. Autumn Burchett (4-Color Energy)

Full Coverage: https://magic.wizards.com/en/events/coverage/2017nateng


Miguel Pérez says:

segundo like

Papaconstantopoulos says:

Lol the maelstrom wanderer coming down with trample. I like it

Cody Watson says:

God ill be glad when Gids is gone.

Matter of Opinion says:

did they play with there own cards? or can they choose any card they want for there deck?

Autodidactus Plays JRPGs says:

It’s a man baby

kaxn says:

What a game ! 😀

Samuel backus says:

Congrats Autumn!

JustHereToComment. says:

thought it was a girl….lmao

Ortu Malum says:

They are brothers? hhaha

Kalira Arilak says:

Congrats Autumn. I was rooting for you the whole way. I love when great players sweep the field. You rock!

RyoriNoTetsujinfan says:

First woman national champ?

William Stanton says:

Please start putting the format in the video title. I’d appreciate it.

Vault Dweller says:

Is that a tranny?

nine-tailed sage, shinobi says:

this is not standard lol.

shinwolf says:

time to watch what others will be net-decking this year

Daniel Rudge says:

nice game. fun to watch. props to both players.

Topyr dsvy says:

What are the sleeve brand of Autumn Burchett ?

csys690 says:

The amount of times they called it a Maelstrom Wanderer…. 16:30

albakingification says:

The English team is fucked this year

Big Doinks says:

28:58 kek

Horizon's End (US) says:

When did we care about looks, and wether or not what the players Gender is. Magic is game of skill not beauty contest like damn. Congrats Autumn on the comeback

Yuglyoshi says:

Alright, so, two of these three games were complete washes; mulligans to 4 cards have an extremely low chance of winning. So we had one good game out of three. Begs the question of why finals matches aren’t best of five. Could also be a statement about greedy mana bases or the intrinsic luck of the game, but those are tougher issues.

Veikko Elo says:

Manage your comment section, Wizards. There is a guy outright blurting n-word as an insult with nine fucking likes, along with plenty of others shouting transphobic slurs down there. This is the kind of situation where deleting open hate-speech is not censorship as much as it is common fucking decency.

Sawyer Veseth says:

Is Autumn a dude?

Batmangamerz says:

shit British people are ugly

Noodles says:

hasnt anyone else noticed that they look exactly the same? i mean, exactly. if you shave the beard and her hair, they have the same bonestructure and everything 😮

neojng says:

Autumn is an awesome player and she deserves a lot more respect then some of the people in these comments have.

Helsing Channel says:

another shemale looking worst than a nigger!

mikejonesnoreally says:

Great games by both players!  Will these players be able to play these decks at the World championships or will they have to find a way to adapt them to the then current standard format please?

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