Enter the Battlefield: World Championship 2018

The 2018 Magic: The Gathering World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada was a battleground of competitive Magic elites, including three former winners of the big tournament. They are joined by newcomers to Magic’s most prestigious stage, veterans, and the finalist from last year’s tournament. Each have their own goals for the weekend, and put their full focus on reaching them over the course of the three-day event.


Ottawa3453 says:

Shawn Kornhauser and Nathan Holt – Legends of the Planes.

Jared Wilson says:

Sad Marshall gets no high at 8:22

Nicolás says:

Make the game affordable for young people. You have to renovate the audience or MTG is going to die. Arena means nothing if the tournaments for real money are in paper, and a competitive deck cost $500. Imagine how many young boys will want to learn the game and go to a tournament for $100k knowing that they can win with a $100 deck.

Bleistik says:

Why is there no top 8 at worlds?
Is it really just top 4?

Nicolás says:

100 k? Really? This game is for rich people.

Alejo Vazquez says:


John Kravich says:

Still find it ridiculous that it’s only 100k for worlds when it may cost half of that just to get to that point in a season

Joe Lowdon says:

What about Gerry Thompson?

Adam Glenen says:

lmao tournament of mirror matches smfh

McWalCent says:


SpaceRanger says:

To be honest WotC the only reason I knew about worlds this year was Gerry, you’s did such a bad job of promoting the event. The formats were boring watched the SCG Legacy Open insted.

I AM Ajay! says:

Noob question. How do you build a really good deck? Buy a bunch of boosters or deck builder? My friends and I started up again after 15 years and bought couple pre built decks. We had tons of fun but we slowly can feel limitations and wonder how to go to the next step? Also how does one even get to this level?!

SmaugUKA says:

So are you going to fix the previous set of videos that have only White Noise for audio?

UntapUpkeepDraw says:

Wonder how many people clicked on this video just to see if they can Copy the pros decks

Luiz Felipe Azevedo says:

Wizard, Respect your proffessional player!!! Thx

William Carvalho says:

Beautiful as always for Enter the Battlefield but Wizards, please, you should listen to Gerry Thompson

MrVovoda says:

So… nothing about Gerry Thompson ? I’m at the same time glad to see it was too bad PR to be included here, and sad because his voice was not echoed.

Fish in a bowl says:

What world championship?

Bastien Clarke says:


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