Francis Plays Magic the Gathering

Want to see a slowmo version of the ending? Go here:
Here’s a video of francis at our local gaming store. I think he decided to ham it up for the camera or something, he’s normally not THIS crazy.


elrockerchido says:

A little piece of me died when i realize its acted

A Quiet Place says:


Best part of the video

Franklin655 says:

The way he grabs the table at 1:10 gets me everytime lol

Lady Red Pill says:

I luv Boogie <3
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

DT /Dab Thomas says:

This dude needs a skipping rope

jayman105 says:


Michael O Callaghan says:

I refuse to believe Francis isn’t real. He’s Boogie’s twin brother. Simple as.

Tyler Kinsherf says:

I know this is fake lol but that dude should let him scoop. Forcing someone to play on so you can flex your deck is rude as hell.

Kim Jong-un says:

so I win right?

Nemesis Uchiha says:

Ik this is a staged but that guy was a dick he had no hand no creatures why doesn’t he attack and just end it

Christopher E says:

me at fnaf

LordRaclettus says:

Back then when we thought this was real. Good old days! 🙂

Nerd Squad1 says:

I never knew this was a sketch until now.

kristian johansen says:

It’s so funny how he wins but then he wins he really just loses cuz Francis roasts him at the end

Cody Carson says:

I love magic

TheBigWif says:

Binging the Francis videos and I wanted to just comment on each video that Francis is only a character that Boogie plays, and you guys should check out his other videos!

BobbyScout AUTTP says:

0:16 fucking land

franksta4214 says:


No chicken escapes from Tweedy's farm says:

They’re literally at Taco Bell. I recognize the floors and chairs

troll master says:

i love this game

The meme steam engine says:

1:13 how to play monopoly

MandrakeMoorglade says:

Why did Francis want him to attack him. Was he trying to lose?

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