Friday Night Paper Fight — 4 Player Canadian Highlander Mini Tournament

Broadcast 2018-11-30

Cameron –
Ben Ulmer –
Jeremy –
Ben Wheeler –

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Soren H says:

I want muscle wizards.

paul sequin says:

AHH BEN hope your date went well!

Dr. Phil's creampie lounge says:

love canlander!

machoromantic says:

At 1:35:12 why does Ben add 2 points from the grave?

Greg Cafiero says:

Is there any other places to watch POWERFUL MAGIC? I love your streams so much, and would love to watch more of the format, but wanna know of any other quality channels that do non-Commander Highlander

Claude Rodrigue says:

How did Jer not yell when brainstormed into wrath??

Antoine says:

yeeees! So cool to see Cam, Ben, Jer and Ben! My faves!

Shiru Shiru says:

Jeremy scooped up Ben’s Elspeth 1:02:46 lol

SnowToad says:

Cam! I’ve just finished reading Use of Weapons and the book is SO FUCKING SMART! Genius!

Rachel Peckham says:

oh, poor ulmer

Hynek Ožana says:

Seeing Jeremy spinxss Rev for six and draw two board clears brought back a lot of my painful memories

Germany Jones says:

More Jer yay!

TheOmegaTank93 says:

Yikes, Jeremy’s deck name is real accurate. Feel bad for Ben, but that’s Canlander for you.

Brandon Richard says:

After saying A Kingdom of Cards or Pay Them So They Pay Us, they should add ‘And Jeej, if you want us to say the actual slogan… come up with a better one.”

Miztickow says:

Since Cam asked, Dryad Arbor has to be with the creatures on the board.

Brock Barber says:

I don’t watch many Friday Night Paper Fights, but when it’s canlander, I watch more religiously than I do any other regular magic content. I love this format, and this is the best place to watch it.

Also, I’m always rooting for Ben, he’s my fav

drago15100 says:

wait, wasn’t Ben’s (Wheeler) Tarmagoyph suppose to be a 2/3 instead of 3/4 against Cam? he had an Instant and a land in his graveyard, the Creature was exiled by Swords to plowshares

plshalpme says:

jesus christ cam, please update your list

campbell boisvert says:

I hope bens date went well!!!!

julian slavin says:

Lol first

Jojoforpres says:

Jeremy’s deck is sooo boring to watch. Fetch lands, Ponder and all it’s playable variants, and Sensei’s Diving Top in the same deck? I’m sure he thinks it’s fun, but it like watching a snail masturbate. At first you don’t know what he is doing, and once you know you lose interest.

natoraishido says:

Those counter wars were sweet. Stuff I live for in MtG.

Viperion_NZ says:

Finals match, game 2, why didn’t Ben animate Treetop Village?

William Causey says:

At 54:40 Jer plays a marsh flats and a library on the same turn. Pretty sure this is unintentional and results of a cluttered board state.

UWHM05 says:

Thank you Jeremy for defending vintage! Format is a ton of fun, and the games are quite compelling!

Vito Pistelli says:

Does Jeremy not know that you can tap Sensei’s Divining Top in response to any 1 CMC spell to counter it with Counterbalance out?

Drew Peterson says:

If people still aren’t convinced that Canlander is the best format then they’re silly geese.

sandmanlives3 says:

Love Canlander! Thank you guys.

Claude Rodrigue says:

Jer didn’t take 3 at the 52:00

GrimPokemon says:

I wonder if Ben has gotten tired of hearing “Wanna duel?” as they produce a Yu-Gi-Oh deck rather than a Magic deck

Cardoor, the ghost deer says:


Metalisha says:

what does everyone think about the card “imprison”? i never see it and i feel that it should be more appriciated

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