Grand Prix Birmingham 2017 Finals

Finals of Grand Prix Birmingham 2017
Format: Modern

Steve Hatto (Black-Green Rock) vs. Loic Le Briand (Burn)

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Ryan S says:

Lightning helix!!

Daniel G. says:

The burn player only ever drew 1 land the entire match out side drawing his initial hand. I wish I could be that lucky when playing that deck.

Adam Kirkpatrick says:

u know the guy on the right is to strict about playing the game its fore fun not fore stress

christopher lacey says:

wow, this burn player really knows how to play burn, which is actually pretty nice to watch =)

Todd Lewis says:

Mono-punt from Hatto.

Qihan Zhang says:

15:30 Will you trade a LIli with a lava mancer? I will +1 lili and discard your opponent’s card.

pvpmaster 1933 says:


jacob rowley says:


Philip de Ficquelmont says:

It’s a petty, too blurry for me.

dododecoco says:

Dont touch your oppenents board like that thats fucking rude

ZerranFellhammer says:


Dan Compeau says:

There needs to be a quicker way to shuffle in between games. The minutes of waiting in between games kills this as an esport.

joshua morena says:

Masterfully played burn and some outstanding topdecks

argenismartinezpally says:

20:10, what did he say??????????????

Addison Chambers says:

Lightning Helix: making topdecking cool since 2006.

christopher lacey says:

Pretty sure that fetch land should have been discarded for the first collective brutality at full value… that drain for 2 would have been all the difference and IS all the difference against burn imo..

Raymond Weiss says:

Thank good this giant Noob playing “The Rock” didn’t win. Played real bad

MrEvitcartta says:

I’ve never heard of this deck. What is “The Rock” ???

nico matas says:

how did this dude make it to the finals…

Erik Keldsen says:

“If he’s got a nice spicy piece of pepperoni coming off the top here he’s gonna be in big trouble” ~6:00 lol

Dutch253 says:

Absolutely can not stand Riley Knight’s commentary.

Ottawa3453 says:

Wow – Relic of Progenitus did some work here!

Joey Shiflett says:

burn deck wow he does that better than me

SkyloftVisitor says:

Can somebody explain how in Game 1 Loic did damage each turn although only having lands in play? I think I’m missing something..

doomtomb3 says:

Can’t believe he didn’t surgical when he’s tapped out with relic in play. Dude cmon

argenismartinezpally says:

Good try at that Lightning Helix lol

MrEvitcartta says:

Why was the commentator so uppity about Loic looking at his opponents cards? I’ve always been like that, am I just rude then??

Mad Cow says:

I loved the old white bordered lands I play with the same edition with the tap symbol and that same swamp art by Dan Frazier. One of his forest looks familiar as well.

Luis Aleman says:

A master class of how to play burn by Loic

SirJeivus says:

“Loic Le Briand the mad scientist of burn decks”

Adam Sheppard says:

When people say burn is an easy deck to play. Easy deck to play, hard deck to play well

Nick says:

Wow masterfully played by loic. In trying shrines now lol

Jake Wotawa says:

3:34 lol

Sebasgl1 says:

It’s lightning helix OMG!!!

spyder9179 says:

Love this commentary, but “developed a technique to draw from under these dice” is a bit much. Dude just slides the card out.

Rob r says:

why does loic untap at 26:05? He plays a spell endstep and steve obviously says to wait, cause he wants to cast a spell in response

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