Grand Prix Birmingham 2018 (Standard) Finals

Finals from Grand Prix Birmingham 2018.
Format: Standard

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Eijoyujo 615 says:

16:00 ” Settle in for story time with Uncle Riely” Said Riely Knight!

Sasuke kuniski says:

wew lad simon won. didnt expect him to beat that trash Deck

Harpixal Gaming&Anime says:

the hell was that?!?! what kind of a deck was that white-blue control?

Davey Cadaver says:

35:01 “oh shiiit”.

Tyler Pendergast says:

my little pony deck box, so much cringe.

BigSoren M says:

Lahonen’s lands make me nuts. KEEP YOUR SHIT IN GROUPS! My OCD is on fire.

Don says:

3:18 *”Even when you don’t have it they think you do, and you always have it, except when you don’t you always have it”* – I thought that was hilarious

Tough Guy says:

Great game!

Yeah, not drawing Tafari cost him the match. Even though he was favored to win. Not enough card advantage. Also the other guy siding out all his useless creature removal was a big deal. Duress and Doomfall put in work.

legolas 0033 says:

What’s the card that got nerfed

yellowdart6666 says:

i thought the comments were just being dicks but no for real these commentators are elite dogshit. *vince mcmahons voice. YOUR FAAAHHHHHEERRREEEDDDDDDDDDDD!

helzefeld says:

Awesome match!!!

Pandoyo Putra says:

I thought the age of gearhulk control was awful. It got worse.

99% GAMER says:

I was there won a box in side events and in one box got a teferi Karn and Lyra and had some amazing games

kobisjeruk says:

What the hell is up with this spam? Learn to post 1 video and hide the rest MTG. You idiot!

raj .kumar says:

what is the win condition of the control deck?

илья краснов says:

7.38 2 land drop???

Brendon Coyle says:

You can’t call it a vehicles deck if you’re only playing one vehicle 0_0 for Christ sake get better at naming

Epic Rabid says:

Im in birmingham never heard of this until now

Kel'Thuzad says:

Hipster cuck got a bit lucky. But Leo should be running Approach and/or another beat-stick besides Gideon.
Pull from Tomorrow is also pretty ‘meh’ in my opinion. With the discard, you need to pay 5cmc to get the same value as the 4cmc ‘draw two’ spells (Hieroglyphic Illumination & Glimmer of Genius), both of which have other upsides in cycle/scry.

Errol Wilde says:

Lol, the commentators are cracking me up.

Igrams says:

Simon Nielsen… sorry. But since he acted so super f…. cocky in the finals of the World Championships… and his dressing style…. sorry…

TheDoc Tard says:

Worst commentators in history of ever.

Dan Cook says:

Nice to see my boy angrath getting some love in standard

Ktulu 475 says:


Kevin Benson says:

Why don’t they call Black-Red Vehicles “Rakdos Racecars”? I really feel like they missed a great chance.

Vic7 Gaming says:

Godt lavet Danmark

Stickler ForBricks says:

what a shitty shitty event, no win condition u/w is a cocksuckers deck.

Vargen Dae says:

I wish we had more hand information and commentary on their choices than sportsbanter.

edson torrontegui says:

These commentators better shut the fuck up next time if they don’t have any actual information to say, Douglas Adams would be rolling in his grave listening to these idiots.

Samarbrander says:

honestly i thiink i enjoyed the commentary more that the match

Max Lake says:

Look – how many times do I have to tell you. Show the cards in a side window…. you know in football… close ups.,
Why do you want to get small viewing numbers.. I have not interest in watching a magic game I cant see. to guys moving cardboard squares around is not interesting. I just came from open boosters where a guy opens cards I can SEE. That is interesting and this is not. work out why.

ev1lcupcak3 says:

These commentators are awesome.

HipoSlime says:

I feel lyra dawnbringer would’ve smashed that RB deck to pieces, and I’m kinda bamboozled why he didn’t at least run 2 copies

Llama raidern says:

Did Simon play two lands on one turn?

the first being at 7:15, the other later

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