Grand Prix Denver 2017 Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals of Grand Prix Denver 2017
Format: Standard

Gregory Michel (White-Blue Monument) vs. Brad Nelson (Temur Energy)


rr ww says:

with that many tokens in U/W I’d have thought Gideon would be a sure thing
those Metallic Rebuke look awful compared to Censor
and 4!! Cloudblazer, no reason he should be running more of those than Dusk//Dawn

Kentucky Poorboy says:

2 lucky negates

Hooly_Fighter CR/Strategie Gaming says:


NintenDad says:

Awesome match! A far cry from Zombies and Ramunap Red.

James Fowler says:

Congrats brad! I love the state of standard right now. Good job wotc.

Bobert says:

I met the judge next to Gregory at sdcc

TrolPhone says:

Why didn’t greg activate the shefet dunes in response to the radiant flames? I mean, it was much more value than keeping mana for stasis snare no?

Teemu Sintonen says:

Go Brad! #TeamBrad

Will S says:

U/W Monument seems so underwhelming. Especially compared to Mono black zombies.

Shawn Collins says:

EPIC games gg to both!!!!

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