Grand Prix Detroit 2016 Finals: Ralph Betesh vs. Evan Buchholz (Modern)

Watch the finals of Grand Prix Detroit 2016, featuring Ralph Betesh against Evan Buchholz.
Format: Modern

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N S says:

So I thought that if Wizards bans Thought-Knot Seer, the deck looses a lot of it’s potential. All of a sudden, the deck slows down a turn, and becomes slower than agro- damage decks, like Elves. I guess this is a little biased, as I both play Modern Elves, and hate Modern Eldrazi, but these are just my thoughts…..

Talking Sink says:

Ah the eldrazi winter, for some reason I miss those days

chrismasterith says:

Yes, she’s only there because she has sweater puppies

Jonathan Riehn says:

The prevalence of Eldrazi decks reminds me of the disgusting dominace of Mirari decks back in the day. You want to talk absolute headache galores! The year that deck came out it won every single event.

Fox Tashikata says:

That Eldrazi deck is annoying

Bruno Alexandre says:

at 16:35, he “tutored” for a card, its a shortcut i know but he saw the order of the next cards,
if he has cards 1 ,2 3 and 4, and he wants card 3, he needs to put card he needs to change the order to 3,4,1,2 always scrying to the bottom, not 3,1,2,4 this way he knows what he is going to draw after the card he chose

Kyle says:

link to evans sleeves pls

Phil V says:

did ralph have an infiinite life combo and infinite damage combo with murderous redcap?

ZupDrake says:

can someone explain how the abzan player gained 99+ life

neorex72 says:

SHuffle shuffle….. And I shuffle shuffle… Play land Shuffle shuffle.

Andrewmeda Galaxy says:

Commentary is nearly inaudible.

Walt Park says:

Why doesn’t evan flicker the bird in untap so ralph doesn’t have the mana for the redcap?

Exisiance says:

anyone know what ultra pro calls that color sleeve the eldrazi player is using?

Azninja says:

how do you run UW eldrazi when theres only 1 white eldrazi?


It’s a good thing that eye of Ugin is banned. 2 free fucking mana.


plz stop the eldrazi madness

Henry Lefkowicz says:

I love coco so much

enf folife says:

yeah Evan second place pshhh that faggot Batesh prob had RED CAPS UP HIS SLEEVES THE DIRTY BITCH

kira angle says:

really, you uploaded the finals first? thats kinda spoilerific.

Chester H says:


GOLD izno says:

Ugin eye in modern ???

Rainer Ludwigsson says:

Which is that blue Land, that the eldrazi Player has? The one that looks really old, at26:11 for example where He uses it (not the Temple)

MTG LION says:

it’s nice to see a deck beat eldrazi.

Emily Plays says:

The Eldrazi deck’s days are numbered. This was the only Grand Prix of the three held this weekend in which the format’s unholy abomination Tier 0 deck _didn’t_ come out on top — and even then, *six of the top eight players* were running Eldrazi! In fact, across the three events, 14 out of 24 T8 decks were Eldrazi. That’s 58.33%. And these aren’t isolated incidents either — look at practically any other modern event in the past few weeks and you’ll see the same thing.

This is not a healthy format, and Eye of Ugin might not be the only card that needs to be banned.

chawan92 says:

So Buchholz pitched that first game huh? missed opportunity

Andrew St says:

What is this, a Geek convention?

Alan Yuan says:

Can wizards really stop getting women to commentate and force magic on them. Maybe girls just don’t want to play magic?

Marc Western says:

I like your videos, and love the game, but why did you make it so that this one ONLY plays in 1080p HD? I can’t watch it because it takes too much data!

The Grim's Prodigy says:

I wonder how It That Betrays would do as a sideboard tech against the Abzan Company deck

Derva Kommt von hinten says:

a female commentator? i didnt know such a thing existed :O

John P says:

Please get Gay Spartz OFF the coverage team.  I want to stick needles in my ears when I hear her!  She adds absolutely nothing to the coverage.  Have her make a few Grand Prix Top 8’s and have EXTREMELY popular drafts videos and then maybe think about having her.  Until then, please get someone with either real MTG skill or real personality!

Elden, O Paladino Level 20 says:

99+ ! LOL

TJ 9465 says:

banning eldrazi is necessary. that’s it.

Steven Augustine says:

Good to see Eldrazi go down, but it’s too bad it had to be against 2 infinite combos…

Kel Tsang says:

Now that Eldrazis can be defeated, it just proves that most Magic players are idiots that just loves to complain because all they do is netdeck.

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