Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018 (Modern) Finals

Finals from Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018’s Modern main event.
Format: Modern

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Joan Hearts you says:

Ban Mox , Ban Tron Lands…

Oliver Dowling says:

Really annoying deck

Michael Wilson says:

the mox/clan infinite combo is fucking retarded and should be errated honestly, its just not fun, to go infinite and draw your whole deck.

Frank Perez says:

Yuri sucks

Eisenwulf666 says:

I think matt won the first match,but yuri lost the second. He had such a small window and he missed it. But i understand it is easier sitting at home and being able to stop the video and thinking about the next move.

Steve Saint Hair says:

KCI is not MTG

Peter de Verteuil says:

That was nutty.

Randall Co says:

Ban matt nass

Khaleo Khal says:

So much fun to watch KCI

Kevin Crabtree says:

Tron is gonna get pressured a lot by those new sb worthy cards coming in m19

ArsenicDrone says:

What do you think was the right time to pop the Oblivion Stone? With Myr Retriever on the stack? Earlier? With Scrap Trawler on the stack is the other obvious time, but all that Scrap Trawler did at the time was get two cards and a bunch of mana off of Mind Stone turning into Terrarion turning into Mox Opal, which is not necessarily lethal.

Ph34121307 says:

KCI : fun and interactive

Warhammer.Aus says:

Awesome to see yuri in the finals. Seeing someone u used to play at fnm in the finals is really cool !

Muetterties Studios says:

What a crazy match!

Brandon Casiano says:

Modern has turn three otk’s? Standard requiring red in all decks? Time to play commander till core set 2019

Enio Apolinario says:

“urr durr turn 3 kill is unfair” – Don’t give a fuck to other turn 4
non-interactive OTK’s kek.

Leonardo Pinho says:

and aaaall this kind of bullshit started on mirrodin back in the early 2000’s. God save commander.

Bad Luke says:

This is Matt Nass
No! This is Krark Clan

Kyle Griebling says:

Matt really cashed in on playing an obscure and convoluted combo. There are so many triggers to keep track of when playing against it, Yuri had no idea what to do when.

Rrrr Rrr says:

Iron works and lantern decks storm horrible decks!!! So boring to watch

joshua morena says:


lorenzferido says:

Wizards, please. Ban the cancer that is ancient stirrings. Card is so broken.

Conrad Ginder says:

Yuri lost because he didn’t use his oblivion stone before scrap troller resolved. bad play and lost him this g.p.

Trygve Prestø says:


Jake Worden-Gill says:

Paul’s commentary is always so great. Loved him on the VSL.

AJ Mainiac says:

I wish Jon Finkle would play more.

Jerry Garcia says:

its cavern decks verses stirrings decks…

Gustavo Gaia says:

wow very cool played a deck non-interactive with opponent and non counterplay wow

Sean Hrecho says:

Matt Nass is ridiculously good

ShawnyPlays says:

This turn 3 kill was absolutely preventable.

Pedro Cabrita says:

Is it good to use Karn, Scion of Urza on side?

adamjri says:

“This is a tough matchup for Matt” uhhhh it’s about 90% in his favor. These commentators have no idea what they’re talking about.

Titanic Icebergs says:

Karn shoulda taken the ruins, and he should’ve blown up the O-stone. Just a bit too greedy, I feel.

Well played to Matt tho

Marko Petäys says:

Who are the commentators?

Tommaso Chiesa says:

Not Taking the ruins was not optimal

Esteban Garat says:

These turn 3 kill decks make magic not fun at all.

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