Grand Prix Las Vegas Beta Rochester Draft Final

Watch Luis Scott-Vargas and Tim Rivera battle it out in the Finals of the special 25th Anniversary Beta Rochester Draft from Grand Prix Las Vegas, with an Alpha Starter deck plus $2,500 on the line!


Štěpán Řebík says:

Super sweet draft, watched it live, missed work next day lol. Hope u upload opening as well. Cheers!

Daniel Solis says:

Props to the chill dude in the background waving goodbye at the end.

Riche the Rapper Induction SolutionsTV says:

You guys should make a video about Wedge. Give some publicity to his gofundme

Dereck Sheppard says:

I was wondering how Suzuki’s deck would loose to anybody, but Luis here had soooooo much anti green, so that explains it.

Bradley Rowe says:

Hot Chick at 19:45

Sam Kaufman says:

Rip lsv

Tex Boonjue says:

Man they must have played really late

Magic the Greatening says:

Would be nice to know what the cards do. Not everyone knows every card from Magic’s history

rr ww says:

dat Scryb Sprite+Vampire joke doe

Skyler Lon Smith says:

A bunch of pointless music at the end was not at all what I wanted. Great looking magic cards and camera angle tho. I’d love to see some of the other matches too please.

Thom Poz says:

Omg, REAL Magic! So much fun, so much beauty!

MalikarVampire says:

plays jade statue into disk

marc tremblay says:

I love how these old professional players don’t slick the cards like maniacs, quite fun to watch.

James Duncan says:

dun goofed not providing beta basics

Arnav Behari says:

I wish we could zoom and be able to read the cards. You know for the ppl who don’t know what these cards are and what they do.

nico pro says:

wish i had sponsor too,to get acess to all card,and money to draft and get there,but no sponsor for me too bad

Thom Poz says:

9:11 Shanodin Dryads, goddamn it, Summon Nymphs! How you don’t know that?? Something dryad, my ass…

Christian Holmlund says:

LOL that guy just standing there at 20:17 hahahhaha

henkdachief says:

Hey what about the match between BenS and Martin Juza and the one between Juza and LSV? Will you upload them? if you dont should i upload them?

Bill Carroll says:

I know most of these cards but come on guys where is the featured card area? Are we supposed to pause the video every 5 seconds and look up cards on Gatherer?

nickjoeb says:

The other games weren’t recorded?

Cujucuyo says:

Where are the previous matches? Super expensive Beta draft and we only see the finals??

Bret Tackett says:

What was the pre req to qualify for the beta draft

Frankie Martinez says:

Lsv in that suit. Pimp.

MillionaireRobot says:

They are talking about previous games: quarterfinals and stuff… WHERE are they?

Singularity says:

I love how LSV in the thumbnail is just like “Fuuuuugggggggg” lol… also read us the freaking cards…

Kelley Macdonald says:

Tom Martell is so articulate. I learned a lot from his commentary.

Nateson says:

Such a cool event

AssassinZeroLP says:


thundarr isaboss says:

i feel like the dude in the background was there for my personal enjoyment.

John Coppeta says:

why is it called rochester draft?

Luliby says:

This is awesome, but you should have done some more to explain what some of the old cards do that haven’t been reprinted in a long time or ever. I couldn’t follow what every situation was while watching.

theSavageHippie says:

wasn’t the other rounds covered?

MSUHitman says:

So banding is version 1 of team attacking from VS. System?

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