Grand Prix Lille 2018 (Standard) Finals

Finals from Grand Prix Lille 2018.
Format: Standard

Full Coverage:


Affengeneral says:

Mono Red vs Mono Blue lol

Pages from the Nayas says:

25:22 The epic Finding Nemo reference lmao

Donk Conklin says:

Ditch the commentators and show a few seconds of card close ups.

The $leazy Gamer says:

Mono red is cancer

PR1NCE says:

You really have to catch up with ineractive tools for the viewers. Yea magic is analog but look at the design mask of hearthstone and some – its so much more user friendly. Show the handcards, show more inzoomed cards. Easy..

Travis Fregoso says:

Wow, Nassif piloted that deck so poorly.

Psyntax says:


Randy Brokaw says:

That was boring

berserkalucard says:

These guys are great. They could commentate anything and it would still be hilarious

selected_stone7 says:

Hate playing against mono red when Im playing white weenie, literally unwinnable

victorvondean says:

Arrested Development quotes?id subscribe immediately if I wasn’t already

Cody Weiss says:

This is what happens when you have too many sets legal and everyone is full of salt over losing so much power. Brilliant as always Wizards

Stoffendous says:

What surprised me most is that these guys need to actually read each others cards in the goddamn finals.

Lunat!c says:

mono red was enabled by the printing of runaway steam kin and experimental frenzy and mono blue has existed since pre-rotation, Dominaria being the set that put out the mono-coloured good spells

Luke Tannenbaum says:

Mono red in finals is kinda just boring :/

Andy Malik says:

Question at 19:05

Why did Nassif wait so long before playing his island? What’s he gonna do, bluff more removal / answers? Mono Red just plays into them all and doesn’t care about the consequences.

super mariole says:

0:00 bleh

Amani Michael says:


Raboka Swiftalon says:

Oh boy a new standard I wonder what deck it is now?

Oh it’s mono red agro again…


Tiago Toledo says:

Mono Blue vs Mono Red. WHAT YEAR IS THIS?

Lelino Junior says:

I’m SICK of mono red

Broockle says:

uh… how do u watch this? It’s slow af

RaiZdOe says:

I was allways curious about MTG… never watched a final/vid of tournaments because it’s just not worth it when you don’t know the cards. Now I play a little bit of mtgarena, know some cards but def not enough to understand everything that’s going on… Either show all the cards or just don’t bother showing 1/5 of it… it’s just frustating… Don’t know what’s the idea there… if you make videos for people that play a lot this game i think they know enough to have nothing shown to them…
Luckyly for me i’ve seen this mono red on streams & online to know a little bit about it… But the blue one… he didnt play enough cards for me to understand it…

Jh and Lm music says:

Guy at the beginning:

AntSrMe says:

Nassif wasted so much time knowing he’s lost.

extraE MONTAMONTES says:

“i shy away on having oppinions on anything other than garbage food” yep, same

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