Grand Prix Lyon 2018 (Modern) Finals

Quarterfinals of Grand Prix Lyon 2018

Format: Modern

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Igrams says:

Did Carvalho draw a Hornet Queen?

Julius Gutierrez says:

dicks = decks?

lamberth says:

that riley knight guy cracks me the fuck up

jose jesus contreras salazar says:

I have to confess. My ears hurt and bleed when he says “dick” and not “deck”.

waveOnaut says:

Riley the Knight of Puns … loving his commentary

Cameron Worley says:

Riley Knight does such a great job

Kyle Throssell says:

Simon and Riley are the best commentators!!!

Qwerty McQwerty says:

Dear lord the realization on this videos has to level up. We are not asking for Game Knights from the command zone production value because that’s impossible with a live event but EACH card that gets on the battlefield should be highlighted because the quality of the video is so poor.

PlimPlum says:

Kowalski didnt Play “masterfully”, but jeah even a blind Chicken find’s a worm

ForgeBroke says:

I like how obligator looks in the coming tournaments with jaces running around

Eric says:

Wizards, Riley Knight is seriously one of the worst commentators, for anything, I’ve ever heard. Complaining about irrelevant things (mismatched art), the juvenile adding of “-ino” to words. Please, get rid of this guy.

Mups says:

Why sometimes, in the match they search a card on they deck and take it?

Anthony Trumble says:

I’ve got a mono green landfall nissa voz deck I wanna compete

Astro Apollo says:

surprised abzan is here in the finals

Delicious Debris says:

“played masterfully” = turned 5/5s sideways lol

Fantupo Marsupialis says:

sideboard !!!!!!!!

Laparker Thomas says:

Were three black people

Angel Kagamine says:

I’m kinda new to magic, could someone explain me what’s happening when they discard a land card, lose one life and draw another land card

Dillon Lee says:

Right now it’s time for us to watch white/asian Adult men play a children’s card game. Can’t wait

Gaming with Lilo says:

that dismember was dirty

Ray n says:

Nerd alert!

Zelith says:

I think the reason why Carvalho took the Scavenging Ooze over a Smasher was because he wanted to lean against the Goyf he played directly afterwards. Goyf can get big enough to deal with Smashers fairly well as demonstrated in the first game. Scooze would throw a wrench in that gameplan. I suppose Carvalho either didn’t take Relic into consideration, or banked on his opponent not drawing it. Which Relic was absolutely the biggest hedge maker in that game 3. The Goyf plan crumbled, and that Thoughtseize backfired tremendously, leaving clear attacks for the Smashers. Tough.

Calvin Baube says:


Laurent Binette says:

I love modern let’s make it replace standard!

bob fossil says:

the australian commentator is pretty funny

Pepsiman22 says:


G Manu says:

two thumbs up for riley knight

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