Grand Prix Lyon 2018 (Modern) Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals of Grand Prix Lyon 2018

Format: Modern

Full Coverage:


Tobias Ström says:

15:50 guy in the back eats a booger 😉

chuck norris says:

First 😀

Zoe Mendez says:

Oh wow, Tron seems WAY too powerful. Karn Liberated AND Ulamog?!

Fantupo Marsupialis says:

Love these alters!!!

Ronaldinho183 says:

They could’ve shown us any QF match up and they show us Tron… against more Tron… smh Wizards.

PlimPlum says:

Why is Kowalski so Bad in Picking His thought Knot seer cards?
Why Pick The scrying instead of The Only Green source wich also is Card draw? He deserved to geht published there, but sadly He still won luckily.

Fredrik Jönsson says:

09:10 Grzegorz Kowalskis d*ck is super, super weird

BREW DUDE! says:

So as long as your cards have the word eldarazi on it you have a good deck

Chris T says:

I think David could have had one more turn if he would have blocked the Smasher with the Ballista and before damage step do 4 damage to the Seer.

Avery Bolton says:

As a mono Green ETron player im convinced that most of the guys playing tron get lucky just by playing a powerful deck all of the tron players showed in the GP are not good

Chedson Soares AK says:


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