Grand Prix Memphis 2018 (Standard) Finals

Finals of Grand Prix Memphis 2018

Format: Standard

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Varticke says:

Holy is that a foul orchard?

Devon says:

Tyler’s face says it all. What a boring standard deck

Lumos Starborn says:

Just two decks sluging it out! I love it!

GBA Gamer says:

Rly just now?

Domo arigato says:

Aburridisima esta cosa. Magic standard se va al abismo gracias wizards….

DerMeisterXZ says:

Grand Prix finals should be 3 out of 5

DavidAkiCreations says:

That’s a pretty chill reaction, considering he’s just won $10,000?!

MrDiceman9000 says:

lol you don’t have a proper wood table for them to play the last match on?

buraddo79 says:

So glad to see energy lose.

Jay Whitehead says:

I can’t wait to see the strategies that emerge after rotation

Dovid Safir says:

Absolutely love this deck. So synergistic. Screw the haters who never wanna see RG do well.

fotarion says:

boring decks , not much to see in standard this time around

ironic arsonist says:

ah it seems we have goodstuff.dec vs taplands.dec

Stefan Fan says:

Monsters is such a stupid deck, just stuff in all the good cards and you’ll win, I guess ;D

Riccardo Bergamini says:

That’s why i don’t play standard

Gonzalo MB says:

boooooring…. just look RG player face when he wins… he’s ashamed.

PROXiE says:

This reminds me of Playground magic. Where you get your parents to buy you a few Booster packs and over a month just stuff in all creatures that do over 4 damage not caring about counter spells or removal

Ian W says:


Jeremiah Bachmann says:

CREATURES!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!!

Photo Hound says:

I’m starting to love Hadana’s Climb!

Tristian anderson-waite says:

I seem to be the only one who saw the judge dab at 9:57

darkomglol LoL says:

this is yugioh?

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