Grand Prix Minneapolis 2017 Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals of Grand Prix Minneapolis 2017
Format: Standard

Steve Locke (Mono-Black Zombies) vs. Nathan Lothamer (Black-Red Control)
Robert Castro (Mardu Vehicles) vs. Corey Baumeister (Black-Green Constrictor)

Full Coverage:


Nathan Kapus says:

I don’t like Nathan Lothamer’s hands.

fagu190 says:

Excellent game ;D

Christian Sanchez says:


Naomi says:

nice commenting guys!!!!!

Melissa Grenier says:

I love how the commentators forget about menace on relentless dead.

Matthias Sommer says:

I need the B/R Control-Decklist ?

Zenmynd93 says:

It’s amazing how they own the game but SCG does 100% better job broadcasting and posting their events to YouTube in a reasonable amount of time after the event.

Rokitmann says:

I wonder if Nathan exiled that magma spray 36:41

Su0T iN says:

This was indeed a wonderful match. Masterfully played by Steve Locke.

Couster says:

In game 3, couldn’t Nathan have stopped the Diregraf Colossus before he summoned the Relentless to get another free zombie token, if Nathan would have responded to the Relentless spell right away? Or does the Diregraf ability works even when it’s on the stack?

Adrian Bostian says:

Funny story, once i beat nathan in kaldesh standard with u/r resovoir. The guy was always so salty so its nice to see him controlling himself

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