Grand Prix Montreal 2017 Finals

Watch the finals from Grand Prix Montreal 2017, featuring Paul Dean against Kevin Jones.
Format: Standard

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Un3xplainable3 says:

marvel will be banned next hopefully

Hail Hydra says:

Can you guys ban Aetherworks Marvel and everything else that freecasts things?

Aaron Borgstrom says:

jones is either hoped up on caffine or seriously has to pee lol

Jayden Kappenman says:

I really do feel bad for Paul

Adrian Rubin says:

” Trying not to Martin Müller it” haha

Astro Apollo says:

luck sacc’d to the maximum.

hi00118 says:

Fucking marvel vs marvel of course lol

Menlorx says:

they need to stop printing instant win cards. Marvel is cool but its really not a good thing for standard while ELDRAZI are in the same standard.

canman87 says:

Did this guy watch the pro tour? Yuuya made the same gamble and literally the exact same thing happened.

Inundating Psychonautics says:

some of the worst displays of magic I have ever seen.

Blue Lightning says:

Another exciting episode of Magic: The Marveling!

Mario Ranilla Dominguez says:

Vaya puta Vergüenza de final. Las dos manos que se queda Paul son de chiste
En fin…

Vooligan says:

I miss Khan’s standard 🙁

Christopher Castle says:

Marvel vs Marvel is boring, Ban Marvel and allow for diversity!!

sporadic08 says:

That was just sad.

TheBlacker says:

This final has been…. definitely not interesnting

Arran Haigh says:

Wizards do you remember standard from M15 to BFZ
No cast for free or abusive creatures
That period was a perfect cycle of classic control aggro and midrange decks
Simple classic magic and tbh what you need again to appease fans and help introduce new players with newbie friendly coverage

Hien Nguyen says:

Kevin’s fidgeting is really distracting.

Mystic Watermelo says:

Paul got destroyed

Chris says:

Can we get a petition to ban Aetherworks marvel please?

IceTea says:

6:34 look at kevin’s legs, what the fuck is he doing? Lmao

Cyderaal says:


Ramo Kee says:

that was embarrassing, i feel bad for paul

Blaize Far says:

Soo disheartening

Mike Allen says:

like watching paint dry

Jayden Kappenman says:

anyone see Kevin’s legs after first game?

Cody Lewis says:

almost as bad as copy cat standard. they should have banned marvel instead of emrakul. this deck is never going away until ulamog rotates. the same problem has emerged: turn four combo kill. just reprint the entire Khan’s of tarkir block and standard will be OK again

phatbastard0alkaline says:

that was one of the fastest and saddest finals i’ve seen.

OffiChan says:

Yeah…. I saw too many Marvel Match-Ups. Like I said they should have banned Marvel not Emrakul.

codescubridor says:

i hope with ulamog rotating out standard will be a good format again

Jay Tee says:

garbage standard

jonnie sjöström says:


ad45376 says:

when ur opponent does nothing for like 3 turns

Justin Munn says:

uggggg what a beating

Matthew Tellier says:

keeps a one land hand on the play in the finals of a gp. not a winning move in the long run bro. rethink mulligan guidelines please.

k says:

that intro is fucking awful, terrible motion tracking

zer0consequences says:

Praise be the gods! Finally the players in the finals names arent plastered in big bold type for everyone to see. This is a good move. Before, you knew who was already in the finals when you were trying to watch the top 8. I hope the pro tour videos adopt this style.

fibonacci112358s says:

Rules question – the enchantments that bounce in when Cartouches ETB do
not specify that “cartouche” must be an enchantment type, not a creature
type. Changelings have every creature type. In Modern, am I entitled
to bounce my Trial of Ambition, when my Ameboid Changeling (which is
*definitely* a Cartouche creature card) enters the battlefield??

Phil Adrian says:

Khans block was the last great standard.

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