Grand Prix Oklahoma City 2017 (Modern) Finals

Finals of GP Oklahoma City 2017
Format: Modern

Adam Pannone (Titan Shift) vs. Larry Li (Titan Shift)

Full Coverage:


Shayor Ghosh says:


Jeremiah Bachmann says:

Guess WotC gave up trying to make GP coverage care at all about production quality and getting viewers. Seriously, guys. You are already giving the absolute minimum when it comes to the quarterly Pro Tour tournaments. Get with the times.

Luciano Muñoz says:

Game starts at 9:30

Rafał Osynu says:

Why you are not showing those cards they are playing ? I see nothing

The last Man says:

Yes, a super boring Mirror match… Who ever gets to shift first..

Abusus75 says:

Let’s splinter twin great again

v.x richards says:

scapeshift vs. scapeshift, how exciting. yawn.

Waldo Dubs says:

magic is honestly garb..

trovarion says:

when shuffling takes longer than the actual games ZzZzZzZzzzz…

Jack Snorty says:

Why are there *convicted pedophiles directly involved in Magic The Gathering that are not DCI banned?*
{Check out *TheQuartering* and *UnsleevedMedia* YouTube channels}

David Neely says:

I am so confused about this beast within business. So the stacks go on, there are 5 or more triggers, then you cast beast within. Why? You destroy your 5th land so the triggers don’t go? I am assuming that this makes multiple tokens, I just dont see or understand how.

ForScience! says:

First xD

Kozzy Kay says:

That’s why I love Standard and pauper….Modern is soooooooo boring aside from fun-casual decks to play with friends.

Jonas buaer says:

Ban Scapeshift… nobody likes this boring shitdeck
And chalice of the void… because yea, boring shit oh and blood moon as well
Just annoying shitty cards

Chris says:

Wow boring

Derva Kommt von hinten says:

wow, this match is the epitome of boredom

Garo Marukyan says:

48 minutes of footage with around 15 of real gameplay. Thank god for the forward option!

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