Grand Prix Omaha 2017 Finals

Finals of Grand Prix Omaha 2017
Format: Standard

Sam Pardee (Black-Green Constrictor) vs. Brad Nelson (Temur Marvel)

Full Coverage: — Watch live at


Christopher Castle says:

Marvel decks = skill 🙁 Ban Marvel and make Standard Great Again #BanMarvel #MakeStandardGreatAgain

ja9395 says:

Instead of banning Marvel, Wotc should unban all bans

Pierre-Edouard Cineas says:

I started in Nyx and stopped right before kahns for school. I picked up back in SOI and since then there has been some busted card in standard. CoCo. Emmy. CatCombo. and Marvel. It would be cool to see how Emmy would do against Ulamog

metalsabatico says:

I don’t understand the hate for Marvel. There’s always going to be a best deck and people will play it because it wins. Happened with Saheeli, Vehicles, Rally Coco, Abzan, Black Devotion, etc. And Marvel isn’t even that broken to begin with. Just live with it.

MTG Doctor says:

I tell you… Brad Nelson cheated.


i am so tired to see these same people topping and winning…seriously so annoying

xzysyndrome says:

Adios Marvel. Damn slot machine…

MTG Doctor says:

Holy shit he cheated…. watch from 39:39-40:09. I counted 8 cards he drew and whenever he put is hand under the table he threw a card under himself or his foot. Even if he did not cheat…. it still seems sketchy.

Eric Killough says:

we need more Reid in the booth… Marshall and Reid good coverage. Reid calling the exact timing on ewilds. Then he explained it. great stuff

Magic the Greatening says:

Aether Revolt standard was a two deck format (mardu vehicles and cat combo), then they ban felidar guardian. Woohoo! No more two deck format! Oh wait… marvel is still in the format… shit it’s now a one deck format. WoTC, stop printing cards that cast stuff for free and the game will be more than not balanced. It’s really that simple

Esteban Garat says:

It’s a shame to see how un-interactive decks like marvel take over and ruin the fame.
Winning is important but it is more important to have fun. Turn 4 ullamog is just absurdly senseless.

Fabio Giraldi says:

Game 2, Turn 4: did Brad missed the ETB trigger of Aether Hub (add one energy) or did I missed something?

Sebastian Tesar says:

hurray, more net decking

Angelo M says:

flicking is really annoying and looks silly. do modern GP fgs, standard is so overrated.

FUGGle says:

wow these casters are what brings me back, eh? wtf hire somebody wiyh some personality then hire someone with some personolity then let them be casters and dont have just knowledge dudes boring up your shit. wtf, magic wants to keep doing 1990s business tactics. bye retards in 15 years. Hello hearthstone and gwent.

Tyson Boynton says:

Sam Pardee put an extra +1/+1 counter on the walking ballista w/ 2 counters. 8:22

haxpet says:

Ajani, Unyelding can take care of Ulamog.

Jacob Ortiz says:

anyone says censor?

shrone dobson says:

Great commentary.

amphyess says:

i played in this event went 4 and 5 and i only went against one non marvel deck and it was UR control

frost says:


kmp101 says:

Bard Narsen

Gregory Gatsby says:

No more magic lol. Tired of being bored and going out of my way to play the game rather than having fun with it.

NintenDad says:

10:15 Commentators chuckling in favour of that broken deck … “huhuh, don’t worry about even playing Sam, since you’re about to be smashed by Ulamog, huhuhuh … might as well kill yourself!”

The $leazy Gamer says:

fuck marvel. ban that shit already

DirtyNewby says:

standard is pretty gay right now.

PalPlays says:

I feel that it was a mistake to not print interaction for the opponent’s energy. It’s a flavor and mechanics shortcoming, in my opinion.

Buggus 003 says:

Card Idea for Hour of Devastation. Garruk, Hunter’s Bloodlust. One black one red 2 colorless. 3 loyalty +1 gain 2 black mana, -X destroy target permament with X mana cost, it can not be regenerated. -7 You get an emblem with “For each time an opponent plays a creature, it’s Power and Toughness are halved, rounded up.” Thoughts?

Jester7 says:

Marvel is the worst… glad it’s gone.

Andrew Vanbibber says:

I enjoy watching marvel into ulamog every game…. not really tho

Tony Clark says:

Why is there no good way to deal with artifacts in this standard environment? This is just not fun to watch – sorry Wizards, balance your game.

Stephen Chow says:

I cringed when he said “virtuous gearhulk”.

John Hildebrand says:

Duke, Marshall, Nelson, and Pardee Amazing grouping. All guys I started paying attention to when I started playing in 2014. Very cool to see this.

Adam Bixler says:

i hate when opponents over shuffle your deck, dude just cut it a couple timesand give it back, you are wasting time.

CreatedNameToComment says:

They don’t show you card previews because they don’t want players to join Standard right now =P

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