Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2017 Finals: Ryan Hare vs. Bronson Gervasi (Standard)

Watch the finals of Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2017, featuring Ryan Hare against Bronson Gervasi.
Format: Standard

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ZephrShorin says:

G3 so good

Alex Weil says:

i had a game that i got to do snake,nissa make plant,snake snake minus nissa

taitaisanchez says:

Best snek

Carlos Spencer says:

Ryan missed a crutial play that could’ve probably been more benefitial than whan he actually did, instead of putting all the counters on his verndorous gearhulk, he could’ve crewed the harvester in response to the trigger and then could move all the counters to the harvester. It would’ve gotten in for 7 lifelink and that could’ve made game 3 a lot easier to take down. It would’ve played around removal much better than putting the counters on the gearhulk, the lifegain would be relevant, and it would’ve taken Bronson down to 4.

Aaron Rigney says:

wheres LSV?

Hes the best, these new guys cant hang.

gentlevader says:

Great job on commentary Paul.

Jesse Tebby’s says:

Please stop putting names in titles

Toan toantt04 says:

boringgg lol

zer0consequences says:

That was a great game. People keep talking about the Scrounger needing to get banned, but as we see here the GB list out-values it in every turn. I don’t think anything should be banned if there is an entire tier 1 deck that shuts the card down.

Izzo Mapping says:

11:00 it seems like Ryan is speaking with two voices

Modras Neo says:

fantastic end

Stalker Stomper says:

Yay! No draw power in either deck so enter ” high variance top deck kitchen table” Magic mode! Fundamentally not the smartest but since everyone seems to be netdecking anyway, I doubt anybody gives a crap about well rounded deck building. lol

ModernMinded says:

Moar Modern

Dave Z says:

17:49 “Nice boat.” Haven’t heard that in a while. I’m gonna assume he didn’t make that reference intentionally.

Joshua Edwards says:

Sandbaging that flaying tendrils in game three was one of the smartest decisions Ryan made. The look on Bronson’s face when he played it was priceless lol.

Michael Marcuri says:

Epic Game!

Sasha Demon says:

очень интересно, правда ничего не понятно, но это на важно

Osidan says:

Please stop spoiling the names in the video description. Thanks!

Wild Muskrat says:

Cough Cough Ruinous Path

Verran Noircov says:

Slight misplay not crewing harvester in response to the gearhulk etb trigger, would have immediately killed the Gideon with the extra counters.

RockwellTea says:

1080p resolution would be great to see the cards better

ashylarrymp says:

That’s what you want to see.

keysaw98 Halo gaming says:

wow they are really good I love magic

hamidious says:

The problem with magic is how everyone plays with a net deck. I miss the fun of playing without internet with my brother.

SceneTurkey says:

What would be nice is to actually be able to see what the card is. This is 2017, get a better camera…

its_wolf_ says:

everyone is playing this deck at locals now its pretty damn annoying…..standard is just a bunch of cookie cutter players who all say the same shit and act like theyre better than you because they beat you with a deck they didnt make themselves

James עליוני says:

I bet nobody on here can beat Bronson or Paladin, I’m willing to bet most of its keyboard warrior nonsense.

Cletus Spuckler says:

That last game was beautiful to watch. Edge of the seat stuff. This is what the Pro Tour should have been!!

Nicklas D says:

Decklists for theeas decks??

Blomstermark says:

When Verdurous Gear hulk enters the batlefield, can you tap it to crew before you place your four +1/+1 counters on creatures?

DragonKnight Orc says:

Nice by the way did they say someone had succes with a 64 card deck??

MoCtheFirst says:

That last game was crazy 😀

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