Grand Prix Portland 2017 (Standard) Finals

Finals of GP Portland 2017
Format: Standard

Shahar Shenhar (Temur Energy) vs. Brandon Goe (Ramunap Red)

Full Coverage:


PlanetCheat says:

This is too fast to keep up with. But I guess that’s because I’m still learning it.

steve notttanme says:

Magic the Energy/Ramunap Gathering

matt says:

its so funny how much these judges have a hard on for shahar, fuck favoritism you fags

Aidan Durrant says:

I want to see Shahar get a PT top 8 soon. I mean, he’s a 2 time in a row world champion! It’d be about time.

LaBass666 says:

I play W/G solemnity in my LGS and I fuck up every energy deck that goes up against me

JK Rolling says:

@13:29… Preeetty sure thats toothless bud

willgallen says:

There needs to be more modern events. Standard is boring to watch 🙁

Russell Wright says:

So who was the judge for this event? Just wondering …

Jeremiah Figueroa says:

MTG- we just released Dino’s,merfolk, and some pirate booty

Everyone- nah I’ll keep playing energy

Sad this is still part net decks. Surprised there’s no solemnity deck or something else it’s beatable but everyone likes playing the same thing

Chris Humboldt says:

I am pretty sure that Spiro the dragon not toothless.

joshua morena says:

Fucking hell, “Cat Hat”? That’s Toothless you uncultured swine

Fearandcreepin says:

So sick of pro tour players using the same fucking decks. Temur and ramunap are just so overplayed that it’s hard to even feel stoked and respect these players. I respect being able to win through hundreds of matches with a deck that wasn’t found/made on the internet. Everyone and their grandmas are using these styles. Congrats, you literally only won off of luck. I get that there are renditions and minor changes here and there but the decks basically run the same play style. Fuck Energy fuck longtusks, and fuck hydras. Please impress the community.

zer0consequences says:

Wasn’t this GP a month ago? Good to see Paul in the booth.. had a lot more respect for him before he signed that intemperate SCG policy a couple weeks back. Wording on it is just straight pander and doesn’t mean anything.

Manson 81810 says:

Hmm, thought there will be any new things coming out, but it is mono red vs temur energy AGAIN.
perhaps this will remain the same even if the date changed into 2018/12/20. Fun.

Gregg Owen says:

Could Shahar get any luckier with his draws, good grief what a boring tourney…

FreewayKingz says:

I feel Goe fucked up in that second battle

just a bush says:

refiner needs to be banned, its a 3 for 1 and its keeping energy the #1 for 2 years now

Ramiro avila says:

standard sucks dick

Thomas Vanila says:

wow no one knew build a bear Toothless

Perry Parker says:

Energy is such a broken mechanic. How about ban some of those op cards and maybe we’ll see a bit more diversity in the top decks.

pyro jack says:


Ed Findlay says:

“We do have confirmation now that yes that is a Cuck hat”

cynical optimist says:

so when does energy cycle out? Soon plz

Steven tabor says:

Does anyone know exactly what kind of dice do they use at the tournaments and if I can buy them from anywhere?

Snazz Plays MTG says:

hey I was there

Sam Majoros says:

Was it just me or did they forget the rampaging ferocidon’s trigger to the 2 thopter?

TastySnackies says:

Why do you take so long to upload these?

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