Grand Prix Prague 2018 (Modern) Finals

Finals from Grand Prix Prague 2018.
Format: Modern

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mcv86 says:

47:05 – He has lethal with poison. Activate Nexus, activate Overseer, activate Throne of Geth. Worker and Ravager now have both 4 counters and Nexus is a 2/2. Just sacrifice Worker and Ravager and modular the counters.

Mike Asterios says:

Love the hangarback walker cameo on masterpiece steel overseer art

ChromeTeck says:

I’m impressed that Pispa didn’t lay out his cards all the way on the other side of the table. Very neat control of his inner ego there. I really despise people who need 2/3 of the playarea for themselves. Is it so difficult to could a board in two exact same halfs?
Seen 7 Minutes and already know who i’m rooting for -.-.

Firefist97 says:

upload the Guilds of Ravnica trailer already <3

Jackal pl0w says:

dear mtg, it is 2018. please have a 1080p resolution. i love u

Joel Dykman says:

I was thinking of a jund variant of hardened scales with bloodhall ooze and winding constrictor. But i fear it might be a little too slow. But i think the advantages of jund removal might make it viable under the right circumstances.

BlazeHexWeaver says:

So awesome how these guys have so much fun playing this game. I am too it is the best game to play that I really love I had a friend help me build a simic merfolk deck and it is so fun at my FNM store

Justin Cu says:

at 23:06 Mery could have gotten both counters on the Lieutenant right? by vialing it in and then casting Staticaster in response to the ETB trigger?
and at 31:48, he would’ve had lethal because the Lieutenant would’ve dealt and extra 2 damage over it’s last two attacks.

Jeg Tak says:


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