Grand Prix Providence, Los Angeles and SCG Dallas MTG Tournament Results

Today we look at the results of the Major Magic the Gathering Tournaments this weekend including Grand Prix Providence and Los Angeles as well as the Star City Games Dallas Open and Classics.

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mike olmstead says:

Esper in standard. U/w control and r/b reanimator in modern , and reanimator in legacy

Cobweb Recordings [Retrowave ] says:

I’m so worried about building decks with anything from kal- hours becuSe they are cycling out.

Endlessor Baggins says:

My LGS closed its doors last week 🙁 This is sad because I know the owner personnaly.

John Wycough says:

Can’t take any GP serious. Allowing known 2x (that we know of) cheater in. Shouldn’t he have a lifetime ban by now?

Kel'Thuzad says:

Got my playset of Sai before the inevitable spike. Such a good card. It was just a matter of time until people realised it.

Tyler Tyler says:

This is not diverse… standard blows for now.

Melo Dotty says:

Diversity? It’s red decks, u/b control and u/w control. I mean, just seeing online that chainwhirler and chandras defeat are in 70% of decks tells me diversity isn’t a thing. XD

Justin Schmitz says:

Not seeing anything too different here, not sure why people are saying there’s been a substantial shift. Top tier is red rush, and blue-white. Tier two green stompy, constrictor, gift, and blue-black. Tier 3, artifact combo, and nexus of fate. Keep in mind the gap in tiers is minor relative to player skill.

Diego Ruiz says:

I’ve been enjoying r/b aggro with no 1 drops. Soul scar and bomat arent great at my meta. And main decking 2 karn helps alot of matchups. Really good deck

Reggaetonaldo says:

How many cheaters were playing in this tournament? Joking aside, love the video.

La Mox says:


Ralph Garrett says:

Great Job on the Video! Keep up the great work!

TheWickedWeenie says:

I can’t believe Bertoncini still has a dci

Mox Avenger says:

Thanks for another great video. Much appreciated.

Drake the troll says:

I see aggro, midrange and control. This looks to be a diverse format.

Juicy_Corgi says:


Alex Bertoncheaty is a notorious cheater in competitive magic play. He has been caught doing this twice. Just some context in case anyone was wondering what was up with this player.

Always like listening to your content on my lunch. Thank you MTG Heroes and Legends.

Heroes and Legends MTG says:

Which decks are you currently playing in Standard, Modern, or Legacy?

Captain Hindsight says:

standard sucks until rotation

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