Grand Prix Richmond 2018 (Standard) Finals

Finals from Grand Prix Richmond 2018’s Standard main event.

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Insane plays says:

you must have grand prix in south Africa

Pharya says:

Reid and Marshall are probably my favourite commentator duo to listen to

Lunat!c says:

23:00 please train your guys to actually interview players and ask them real questions and treat them like real people. they´re not kids but grown-ups who have supported your game for years and years and you finish them off with 2 simple questions that dont say anything

Justin Dallman says:

The metagame sucks right now.

Raboka Swiftalon says:

What’s this? Two black red decks that try to be different by saying agro or midrange? What diversity standard has.

xeaglex47 says:

Please Ban Goblin ChainWhirler in Standard Magic the Gathering Wizards of the Coast

jamricsloe says:

Nothing to see here

jamricsloe says:

Can’t wait for that B/R deck to go away for ever

Michael Mendez says:

Rotation!!!!!!!! Just get here already

NileSings says:

I hope they realize it’s taken me months of research to even be able to follow these GP matches the way they are presented.

Kyle Bergman says:

Feels bad to be the guy who brings his expensive Blue-Black deck and the announcers are shitting on your chances every play.

Tazacks says:

…..need to think….better shuffle my cards 16 or 17 more times.

Anonyymi Ateisti says:

I hope that after rotation meta will slow down and there would be more than a one deck that always wins a tournament.

Connor Loves Fishing says:

im acually first

Raboka Swiftalon says:

In this case standard loses

Jose Vidal says:

So happy red is losing a lot of its best cards

Tristan says:

Magic is so gay. You just play whatever is the best combination of cards that the designers have made for you, and you don’t even “play” the deck, you _pilot_ it. Also, fucking mana. God, what a stupid game *LAUNCHES MTG ARENA*

shujinzo says:

If they want more people to see this, they have to step up their game. I see alot of youtubers with a better format when they are playing the game than this. You can’t even see the cards half of the time and sometimes things go lightning fast. Maybe this is fun to watch for veteran players but not for new players. (sorry for the bad grammar )

sw gs says:

Playing Red – Black against Blue – Black… ouch! BTW. Alex got the best poker face I ever saw… No Emotions!

Steven Tinker says:

How exciting…

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