Grand Prix San Antonio 2017 Finals

Watch the finals from Grand Prix San Antonio 2017.
Format: Team Unified Modern

Full Coverage:


Cosminen says:

You should show us a big version of a card that is played, (more often that you do in this video) as not all of us are following magic that closely all times, so we could knew better what they are playing, and dont have to use gatherer all the time 🙂
And oh, wrong team won, I just hate affinity so much 😛

Dalton Jordan says:

i feel bad for Reid, his opponent drew nothing but gas game 3

Gabriel S says:

Loved the coverage for this GP, the only thing I didn’t like were the commercial breaks, wish there was something for the viewers to interact with during them (even just sample deck lists or something).
Overall great job though, loved Chapin and BDM

Carl Reed says:

T-WOO did nothing wrong. #magic4bad

shane beaver says:

That commercial break track is fire

Adam sky says:

God I can’t imagine how bad it smells in there LOL. Bunch of stinky, ugly ass nerds.
Worst part is how they talk about the cards, like a bunch of 10 year-olds with no social skills.

tekkara says:

I just started playing

Antony Quigley says:

theres thousands of cards but everyone just seems to play the same small group of cards all the time. creeping tar, cellestial collonade, snapcaster etc. dont people get bored of just playing against the same cards over and over again?

Carrick Neale says:

This seems more zoomed in than Wizards standard coverage, i think it looks much better far more clarity.

Goo says:

Chapin made the whole event so much better 😀

Jason Rohr says:

g1: he did attack with the skirge, and he didn’t have mana to both play the Ravager and activate the nexus, as he didn’t have 3 artifacts.

MegaLaban12345 says:

Gotta love that Chapin commentary!

Derva Kommt von hinten says:

are the players allowed to take advice from their teammates?

John Laird says:

The signed lands are a nice touch.

Arek Krolak says:

why nobody can see these cards? Is this a game for ants? 🙂

Xa - Ner0 says:

What’s the song at 31:40? I love it. =D

Con P says:

Awesome games! One thing I would like is if they showed some more of the less seen cards the players play up close. It really brings you more into the game in my opinion.

BFinFlavin says:

tasigar is standard?

Roger Calamaio says:

Why are none of the CFB players running their sponsor’s sleeves?

Adel Alrawas says:

commercial break in the video? WOW

Thomas Gamper Feitoza says:

Owen is a monster

ZupDrake says:

Great vid!!

christopher lacey says:

wow, that was some major top deck action on the affinity player’s side at the end there against Reid Duke, lol.. Bad hand to start, draw nothing but threats ftw.

metalsabatico says:

Long live Affinity

bach123921 says:

was gona skip the commercial break, stayed for the late night 70tys sex music

A Tem says:

turn 1 thoughtseize into turn 2 stony silence and duke still lost. affinity is still strong after all these years.

Folie A Deux says:

oh yess finally chapin on commentary. now I will definitely watch!

Zachary Leach says:

My orchestra had concert in the fine arts hall just below where the grand prix was. I loved to see all of the magic players flooding in and out of that building.

Wyatt Lawson Skala says:

Andreajs goes to my local shop. I feel less bad about loosing the qualifier now…

C Obreja says:

What a stupid game, come on people what the fuck is wrong with you playing this stupi game

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