Grand Prix Sao Paulo 2018 (Modern) Finals

Finals from Grand Prix Sao Paulo 2018.
Format: Modern

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MrRudeska says:

Sasheiiiiiii! Chiiii

Voc0der says:

Am i watching a pro video ? Resolution is so bad we can’t even read cards from that distance, and you don’t duplicate them on the overlay. If you want to involve more people into MTG, you should work more on your streams. I mean, you are the official channel, look at amateur channels, they do better job than yours.

Keno Icenheart says:

weeee!!!!!!!! 1st!

Smiley Face says:

I played in a standard tournament today(Tuesday, July 10th), and my opponent played Nexus of fate, a CORE 19 card, and the judge at the shop Rainy Day Games said it was legal. It resulted in a game loss for me. Was the judge correct? #Report

Garbodor says:

Riley brings so much life to the commentary

Brotherhood says:

Could you guys figure out the quality for viewing please.

Awesome _guy1157 says:


PalPlays says:

Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa and Riley are a great commentator duo. It’s sad that MtG and other Esports/Gaming events don’t display the names of the commentators more. It should be in the video description AND on screen for the entire event.

Wolfgang Baumgartner says:

How did giucci make the finals holy fuck he’s bad.

PalPlays says:

Either Guici drew badly or he needs to add Dark Confidants to the list. He ran out of gas every game; most of his losses were due to that.

stan meyer says:

bad resolution is bad

Gene Chaloux says:


Josh Oberlander says:

When I saw Seige Rhino I had to check the date and make sure this was last week and not a few years ago…

Igor Müller says:

Why the quality is so bad?

AndyIstFertich says:

bad video quality, bad commentators, no card highlight. thats bad and you should feel bad. dislike.

Scumbag Jensen says:


Aaron Newman says:

i havn’t seen commentary this good since the finals of pt dragons maze

Alex Mangum says:

God, I love it when the commentators are enjoyable.
Wizards, could you please give your commentators a raise
edit: a few words

Matt Twyman says:

These commentators are terrible

Ryan S says:

Abzan!? Mardu!? Finals? An actual interesting match?

Joshua Kelley says:

Praise fair magic!

The Man says:

I’m shocked abzan traverse beat tron in the semi’s

Plebmeister says:

why cards aren’t higlighted?

mrzlodolski says:

“ladies and gentlemen from around the world” wth so toxic…

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