Grand Prix Toronto 2018 (Modern) Finals

Finals Grand Prix Toronto 2018

Format: Modern

Full Coverage:


strangemolars says:

You guys want the good news? We are here, not performing at Magic, while a guy that keeps in Vexing Devils when he sides in Bridge made the finals of a GP and did very well at the PT.

Philip Telfer says:

Love this commentator! Bring him in for a pro tour!

Kuro Shinko says:

Will Bogles be a thing in a modern with Jace, the Mind Sculptor?

H. Comfy says:

i liked the aussie commentator. obviously very good at what he does, and a good sense of humor.

tshanson168 says:

Riley Knight is the best MtG commentator!

Joshua Kelley says:

Bless modern! I don’t care if JTMS is unbanned, I’ll still play burn and Abzan! Great matches!

Elijah M Thompson says:

20:49 stern burn turn burn

Lumos Starborn says:

Bogels boi! We back!

Dakota Cox says:

awesome match

Hanzou Urushihara says:

take that scumbag burn lol

SkulblakaFreohr says:

Again, Riley is the best commentator these people employ. Why the Hell, though, would you have a guy comment that can’t say his “th”s?

Blubrom says:

am i the only person earing them says “dicks” each time they pronounce deck ? maybe it is because i’m french 🙂

legolas 0033 says:

Riley is awesome

Meurth says:

Ehhhh, couldn’t Dan Ward have won that second game simply by attacking with three Bogles??

BallSackGames says:

I have absolutely no clue what the hell is going on

John Kravich says:

The last non-jace modern. Enjoy it.

Vardaris says:

At least we will have these videos to remember how nice the format was before WotC gets extra greedy and unban hell in modern.

Goblinmaster999 says:

Dan Ward, why are you pile shuffling? You can’t do that except before game 1 only, it does not shuffle your deck properly and you can get a slowplay wanring for it

Marco Volpi says:

Good to see Ed in commentary 🙂

Serhii Orlyk says:

Came here to timestamp the hilarious Vexing Devil moment, haha 22:14

Alexander Hamilton says:

Could you guys please fix the card quality and not manipulate bans to sell packs?

S Slack says:

i hope one day to see a better female commentator up in the ranks .

Sweaves says:

25:58 Surprise Triforce

T Koll says:

Im just starting mtg lol

sam .t says:

f bogles

Akuma Uzumaki says:

preciso aprender a falar inglês

LegoboyFilms - Host of Up Late says:

My favorite thing about coverage now is hearing Reilly’s puns. Love the game, love the coverage

Stefam Henriksson says:

30 dicks in 30 days

Shane Reierson says:

Both great commentators!

Rykzor says:

Riley is an amazing commentator

Astro Apollo says:

pretty annoying commentator.

Kevin Mcneill says:

Why couldn’t he attack with the slippery boggles in game 2 after the vexing devil dropped?

Evelyn Henson says:

I love that one of the announcers has a hard on for banding

Flaming0 says:

Still haven’t quite learnt this game yet, I’m gonna go to my LGS and learn how to play MTG, can’t wait.

Team PNDA Magic says:

My boi Jon Stern with another top 8

Lalo Landa says:

I think i’m done. I’m unsuscribing right now from this shitty channel. I’m tired of waiting for tournament videos and find what? drafting and straight quaterfinals and finals? i’m not visiting your site or twitch or whatever WotC, goodbye and fuck you.

julian slavin says:

I play abzan company

Mike Asterios says:




EndnuEnLetsPlay says:

“Buttery Bagel-Boi” 😀

xcver says:

Why does Dan wear a netherland national football team jacket?

flavacrava says:

“Jon Stern who’s playing burn needs that turn to find that burn spell”

Really liked the Aussie guy

Zen Carpender says:

This match

Simon Willig says:

Agghhhhh fuck Bogles

johnyramble says:

Why did Stern play that eidolon in game 1? Shouldn’t he just suspend rift bolt and keep mana up for skullcrack, hoping to draw a final burn spell? What was he hoping for with the eidolon exactly?

Noah Long says:

Coverage was fun and informative. Keep these guys around 🙂

joeyxcorvusy says:

Best duo since Richard Hagon and BDM.

Ziddletwix says:

Love Modern content, and this was some great commentating! Will always watch this stuff.

Riley Edge says:

1.06 it isn’t sorry

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