Grand Prix Vancouver 2017 Finals: Jonathan Zaczek vs. Josh Utter-Leyton (Modern)

Watch the finals of Grand Prix Vancouver 2017, featuring Jonathan Zaczek against Josh Utter-Leyton.
Format: Modern

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TheKaneECO says:

modern actually has some variety. much more entertaining

jastat says:

im a new player to mtg and i have to say, the format of these videos makes it really hard to figure out what is going on. I mean, the commentary helps but ffs wizards what cards are in each players hards, what do those cards do, what is the decklist, what is the strategy? It’s almost as bad as mtg online

Tamiss says:

That lord topdeck was pretty fun

Mike Zanin says:

The Tectonic Edges have been sided in because he took out Aether Vial, so he needed more lands to curve properly, it was not included for mana denial plan.

Pierre Morin says:

plays with cards in hand upside down lol

thenewgoddamngambit says:

Why are they covering modern again?

GOLD izno says:

horrible lucky top deck

ElTeddo says:


Romero Grinerdam says:


Jacobo Ortiz says:

min 2:23 really pick card?

Stygz says:

can anyone figure out what’s the brand of those blue sleeves? :3

JamesIsLames says:

This guy wants modern to be dead so badly, that he is killing himself with this deck!

Statuquo says:

Welcome to the 2017 Vancouver shuffle decks battle !

Adam sky says:

Death’s Shadow = Boring as Fuck

zapender says:

Sick game 2

Ch1kk0 says:

Doesn’t merfolk sometimes run UW? A path to exile here would’ve been great.. Great game anyway..

Sidney LeVine says:


Drew Peterson says:

Note to self: Run Condemn’s in sideboard if Death Shadow continues to be popular

etru6 says:

The Pro Tour qualification system is kinda messed up. In what other sport can a Hall of Fame level player automatically be excluded from professional competition if he has one mediocre season? I know this isn’t a perfect analogy, but this is kinda like Major League Baseball having a rule that anyone that didn’t bat .250 in a season was barred from playing in the Majors the next year. Not sure what the solution to this problem is, but it seems to me this could be improved.

Daniel Nadeau says:

WOTC somehow picks the two worst magic personalities to commentate some cool games.
did you kill LSV? did you exile him like Randy?
Hasbro Bigbro at it again
just ew

duplo93pc says:

The only format worth to be played!!!

DuzMachines says:

Modern?… meh… boooo!! I thought you were killing modern, come on WOTC make up your mind!!

Felipe carmo says:

It’s JonathOn , not JonathAn .

Monkeyhappypeople says:

Can we please make a rule that makes it so Marshall isn’t allowed to say savage every time some big play or something cool happens

Jep_Online! says:

i miss playing magic! stopped since Saviors of kamigawa!

CptShrimps says:

Why does Josh play Tarfire and not Lightning Bolt? There must be some reasoning that I’m not getting.

pepeppe peoeoepe says:


Chuubii says:

how about you guys show their faces instead of making people watch random hands playing magic

christopher lacey says:

Thing I can’t understand is… where were all the burn decks to obliterate these death shadow decks?

Eneko Garcia Sanchez says:

me encantan vuestros videos

K Anchor says:

It would be nice if Wizards stopped trying to stamp out Modern when it is clearly the most exciting format of them all. As if they don’t make enough profit anyway. They could see Modern as a way of giving back to the people who got them this far. #bringbackModern #stopbeingstingy

Andew, Seventh Sun of Edwad says:

Happy to take a break from Mardu Vehicles for this.

Eneko Garcia Sanchez says:

Hola magic os quería preguntar si me podríais mandar un kit de constructores de kaladesh para no ser el peor de la tienda a la q voy jugar gracias

eli arbreton says:

I feel like goyf or deaths shadow is going to be banned eventually

Statuquo says:

worst making off award ! c’mon please add 2 screens one of each opponent with the angle of view of the player
and a third screen insert up with the panorama of the match – that will be a start – but now it’s a shuffle battle of decks we assist the only think we can see proper

Jamie1111 says:

Sweeet Moderrn!

T Glenn says:

Awesome game. Modern is a great format, please don’t kill it wizards.

Danny Murray says:

why tarfire and no lightning bolt

Jesse Jackson says:

What was the prize money?

Ekte Boi says:


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