Grand Prix Vegas 2017 Legacy Finals

Legacy Finals at Grand Prix Vegas 2017

Andrew Calderon (Death & Taxes) vs. Jonathan Semeyn (UR Delver)

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Garnt Melman says:

The hand shuffling of players like Andrew is the worst thing in all of Magic

Shanon Kallhoff says:

I came looking for some good Legacy “pro gameplay,” and all I found was cheating, bitching in the comments section, and way too much shuffling. I’ve seen better games with table top Legacy decks. LSV is always great at least.

squirrelly77 says:

I love how no one is commenting on Andrew cheating with cavern in game one…

BestSodiumNa says:

I doubt he cheated. People make mistakes. Get over it.

Victor Reyes says:

Rather give him benefit of the doubt given he’s down one mana but he absolutely NEEDS to confirm with his opponent before resolving his ETB ability. Can’t use his triggered ability before casting Bedlam Reveler.

Human Disease says:

So is Mishras Factory bad this format, ooorrr?

Hymn You says:


The Randome Game Naruto Usamika says:

I love magic the Gathering and this was just amazing no spectacular

Googleplus Isterrible says:

1st round is so hard to watch. 12 or 15 pints of burn and just holding it while his land gets locked out.

Dylan. says:

How did the judges not catch that?

luca de vecchis says:

he cheated the bedlam reveler in play

Jonathan Lam says:

Jonathan Semeyn Cheated reveller into play, it’s obvious he did it knowingly, as he purposely covers up one of the cards that he discarded in hand, and freely shows off the other three cards, no idea what that red card is but might be bolt, but when his opponent questions if he had enough he moves only the top 3 as if those were the cards he discarded, it didn’t matter in this particular game/match as he still loses 2-0, but it might’ve, the guy should definitely get a stern warning minimum, or even suspension.

Interloper says:

Why is Jonathan using the flip card token for Delver even when he’s using Sleeves? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this

Michael Hannah says:

Why do I have the feeling that each person who is demanding Jonathan be banned is also that person at the local game shop who has to rules-lawyer their way to the finals of an FNM?

Ëxeo Ðrex says:

Lol 2nd comment like if you are a mtg planeswalker

Giuseppe Di Vincenzo says:

What was cavern of souls naming in G1? Calderon first uses it to play a flickerwisp (which requires double W) and then uses it to land a Mother of runes

Cameron Wideman says:

Just gonna say to all the cheater comments… I play with this guy locally. He’s not a cheater, he just made a mistake.

Jessie Atwood says:

With all due respect, but why are Grand Prix videos have significantly less fill than pro tour videos? It just seems like the pro tours cover more and go way more in depth.

PacoGomezMaurer says:

7:25 Jonathan uses blue manna to cast a lightning bolt

Matteo Cappellaccio says:

12:20 attacks with Revoker equipped with Jitte with 2 charge counters; removes 1 charge counters from Jitte to make Mage get -1/-1 until end of turn; in response plays Price of Progress that makes Mage get +1/+1 until end of turn; so the Mage is still 1/3; after combat damage step Mage is dead, Revoker is alive, and Jitte has 3 charge counters on it; the only solution was removing the last charge counter from Jitte to make Revoker get +2/+2 until end of turn OR to give -1/-1 Mage again; anyway Jitte still charged to 2 charge counters… why does it have 3 charge counters?

Tymski says:

Famous cheater Patrick Chapin! Why is he even allowed to comment a magic match?

aSirludvig says:

Fucking cheater! 23:30

Look at the graveyard. Here is all the cards that goes into the graveyard:
18:30 sorcery
18:40 land
19:08 instant
19:50 sorcery
20:31 land
21:36 creature
22:14 sorcery
23:12 land

with only 3 mana and 5 intants and sorcerys in the graveyard he can´t play that spell. But he puts his hand over the graveyard to trick his opponent.
I call for a lifetime ban!

moe says:

why un-sideboard after winning a gp lol

Krisjude Ramir Comia says:

3 ponder, 1 chainlightning in gy and with 3 mana, bedlam is uncastable. #cheater

Matthew Howes says:

I wish they’d make a movie series! eg lord of the rings, harry potter… etc.

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