Grand Prix Vegas 2017 Modern Round 1

Round 1 Modern at Grand Prix Vegas 2017

Dana Fischer (Elves) vs. Philip Cox (Burn)
Ian Crow (Ad Nauseam) vs. Maria Bartholdi (Bogles)

Full Coverage: — Watch live at


Miguel Carvalho says:

congrats to Dana, hope to see her on future feature matches, but… why not upload more videos from gp Vegas?

Tempest and a Computer says:

Anywhere I can see more than just Round 1?

Seth Judice says:

So can someone explain what an elf and burn deck is. I’m new and don’t understand

Tempest and a Computer says:

I know she is too young for some people’s standards, but we certainly need more youth in the competitive scene.

tueuz says:

isn’t this game 13+?

Talking Sink says:

I have to say that I’ve never seen a vexing devil live long enough to swing.

Brian Warner says:

No one “pilots” a deck of cards. no one “cobbles” anything but shoes.

Martin Trotter says:

to be honest i was having a serious emotional issue about his non full-art lands being mixed with full arts

Dennis Kwasnycia says:

That’s awesome!

Andrew James says:

elves are the exact opposite of difficult, they are the easiest decks to learn and play

william nicholas says:

Shes sooooo cuuute LOL =)
Dana, not Gaby haha

sethredxiii Morrison says:

when I was her age, magic was about what picture on the card looked cooler and that decided the outcome lol

Lucas Melo says:

Ad nauseum is so boring!

steelrcurtn95 says:

why doesent wizards post all the rounds?? Watching on twitch replays is not as comfortable. Come on wizards it doesent cost a dime.

Isaac Mikola says:

I like the ad Nauseum deck. It’s way out there

Things That Go says:

Isn’t it written in the rules, that you must be able to shuffle your own deck without assistance?

Kallemon Banchichioya says:

Dana is AWESOME! Keep at it!

Daniel Palamarchuk says:

Random thoughts that went through my head as the match went on:
Wish I could’ve played at 6
I should probably go to a grand prix
Trump’s hands
Really impressive

Magnivore519 says:

huh, years ago I too cased my Boggles deck in pink sleeves. Weird.

Nick Vencill says:

That Burn player is a bit of a dumbass, but Dana was still amazing. 6 years old at GP Vegas!

TheTrueEvenos says:

Can someone tell me what Sleeves Dana is using?

Brollic Life says:

zoom in on the fkin cards!

Jason Fang says:

Even though there was a lot of misplays (mainly not using heritage druid in response to the burns and whatnot) but at the age of 6 and to go 5-4 is so amazing
I can hardly even win my FNM ;-;

Benjamin Moquin-Carle says:

the burn player is soooo bad

Rand Choo Chin Wah says:

This is the coolest mtg competitive video I’ve ever seen… Wish my Daughter can grow up like Dana… All the best mr Fischer

Cristian Ambaek says:

Sooooooo alot of talk of these humongus cards. How old is Dana fischer?
nvm, 12:00 i took a wild guess

And for the love of god, WHY can’t they put in what turn in the round we are in?

Canis Major says:

What a bad burn deck.

Roger Calamaio says:

Gaby can barely contain her big sister vibes

Jake Daniel says:

oh my gosh i though she had over sized cards! Sees just tiny! lol

Isaac Swallow says:

I can’t deal with this burn player. So many sequencing mistakes. He plays so sloppy.

jay jayson says:

modern…ahh a thing of beauty

Optimator7 says:


jguitar151 says:

i hope she keeps at it and becomes a big name one day

Garnt Melman says:

Dana Fischer brings me so much joy when I watch her play

Brennon Peterson says:

What the shit, they only film round 1 and upload it or something? lol

WuLF says:

MTG is awesome. Thanks Dana.

somethingrandom says:

Anybody know where to find more modern coverage for this GP? This is the only bit I could find.

Nen Nen says:

Wtf she’s just a little girl! I thought the cards was extra big!

oem der says:

29:10 i try to find this musik/theme/song but cant find it. Any help?

Rendevoir says:

dont know if that was adorable or savage. The little Elf Princess commanding her army to put out the fire in the forest, and crushing phillip in the process

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