Grand Prix Vegas 2018 VLOG! Magic the Gathering 25th Anniversary Tournament & Funtime

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Maria’s nutty DOM sealed deck:

Hang out with Maria and Meghan as they experience GP Vegas! Follow along as they play in the main event and scoop up lots of fun Vegas-y stuff on the side. How did they do in Modern? Sealed? How much did they win betting on the ponies?!

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Igrams says:

God Megan you look sooooo cute at 10:14 !!!!

beanslinger6 says:

Loved the vlog! Im an old dude and you guys inspired me to go to my first GP. I had a lot of fun and am planning for GP Portland next!

Fehlbrandschwele says:

Always great to see my two favourite MTG content “crews” hang out together! I’m so jealous…

derzerby says:

poor peeps, must have been bored playing black jack after playing hours and hours of a real card game : P

Joe McIntosh says:

fondant planeswalkers?!

Michae Dove says:

You looked super tired on the plane, otherwise I would have said hi…Hope you had fun.

John Broderick says:

Y’all are great! Thanks for the vlid, lol.

Jeffrey Pasucal says:

I love these GP vlogs, I cant wait to finally get to go to one!

Seth Evans says:

Looks like you had fun.

8Bunkface8 says:

I only heard from a bud about that beta draft. Havnt seen any of it yet. Sounds like the coolest draft ever!

ericlbartz says:


Raven Of Shadows says:

Say hi to Rudy for me while your there lol.

Chronomagistrate says:

Great, fun vid – thank you for sharing! And so many handsome bois too!

Martin says:

Whoa! How many magic players stayed at that suite?? I need to become a pro if that stuff is affordable for them. Or maybe one is a russian oil millionaire? 😀

Robert Wallis says:

Does James do a Vlog too? Or was he just happy to guest in yours!

oldskoolarcade says:

hey, 3:53 my boi Chris is getting his playmat signed! I played standard next to that very playmat yesterday at my flgs!

Jaja Hollada says:


Yakov Weinberger says:

Hooray LRR is the greatest

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