I’m Feeling UNSTABLE! MTG Draft Tournament Round 1

You’ve been asking for more Magic: The Gathering, so we’re doing an exciting draft of the new Unstable Set. This is one of Magics “Un” sets, where the game gets wackier and focuses on ridiculous fun rather than having a dedicated focus on balanced gameplay.

Draft list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L8lD5hvdc3g0QiV3Q_ulpQG2GFFi4fVSPwHYAIH3-rA/edit?usp=sharing

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TheACTR1 says:

I love Duncan’s channel, I love Magic, and I love Unstable. Why wouldn’t I support this video?

rht214 says:

This is a great video but just to be nitpicky, I believe andy needs to attack with the party crasher at the same time you attack, so it cant block, and then attack like it did around the 24:00 mark.

Matthew Rego 6 says:

duncan should play pokemon tcg again

Arhen Dante says:

So Andy forgot to draw for turn twice after using Record Store, he really could have benefitted from Summon the Pack earlier, even if all you had was Unstable, and he forgot about the three 1/1 goblins he had, but oh well.  Like for more Unstable.

Sean Welch says:

I love mtg and get hella hype for it

Peter Lay says:

I did an unstable draft those are so much fun!!!!!

Kody Dryden-Conway says:

I love it I want to draft this

Derrick Rudolph says:

Love the magic content keep it coming plz

Andrew Evans says:

More magic stuff

Prince Birb says:

New hair beryl? I’m liking it, And pre shave duncan? AND MAGIC Damn this is gunna be a good video

Ether Storm says:

I turned it to 1k awesome

Chaosfnog says:

Hey @DuncanKneeDeep just for the record, the contraption abilities are a “must”, but you are allowed to choose whether or not you want to crank the contraptions on a given slot during you upkeep so they’re effectively a “may”

Michael Rowan says:

Just wondering when the next round is gonna come out

John Sugrue says:

Finally cant wait for more commander

SinOfDisaster says:

You know I miss the time of when you play a card game you play the card and use that. Or sacrifice 1 or 2 monsters to summon higher level monster. Now it’s contraptions, Link Summon, Pendulum Summon. I miss the old days of the easy way and not the confused as fuck way.

Nicolas Gibson says:

More content please

Rigar says:

This sounds like regular yugioh. I can make this joke because I (mostly) enjoy playing yugioh.

Tamashii says:

Wha? I didn’t know you play magic! This is gonna be good

Knightor _4 says:

yeah for magic

luxray978 says:

I wish for hand cams

Joel Johnson says:

Play some standard

Kha'zix says:

yo duncan, one of my good friends plays Magic a lot in tournaments, and this is arguably his favorite set as well.  He got me an Unstable Booster Box for us to open together and it was super fun!  Thanks for puttin out this content!

jasefaceVGC says:

dam andy looks good with messy hair

John Sugrue says:

When part 2

doublee343 says:

Yay the MTG return!!

trudavy says:

So mad Duncan cheated at 18:01 although it didn’t matter

Wink Excel says:

When is part 2 going to come out?

Tanosuri says:

I love watching you play mtg, you just seem like you’re having so much fun when you do this or anything and I love it

Madhav Chaturvedi says:

Yayy more MtG!

Rune Varkevisser says:

This is the very first mtg video I’ve watched. I might start playing now, this looks like a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next vid!

Peazful says:

Please Duncan do more Unstable

Purple Coffin Man says:

I love Beryl’s T-Shirt

Haidyn W says:

Honestly, had no idea you played magic! (Phoebe commander lol)

Asa Of The Sand says:

Krark’s Other Thumb acts as a sort of Doubling Season or Parallel Lives for dice.

Hunger The Let's PLay says:

Not sure about this one, but previous “UN” sets have always been stand alone sets not meant to be played in conjunction with “real” magic cards. So, Duncan’s Idea to add an Everythingamajig to “every commander deck” he owns is probably a no go (unless everyone you’re playing with is cool with it, because after all, the most important thing with games is that everyone agrees to play by the same rules).

Insufferable Brick says:


Godsire's follower says:

the half orc augment had trample… i don’t mind making mistake but those kind annoye me its writen as a word ability, then he could had reactivated the other half of it… this would have killed duncan before he could try to finish the other with the boa…

on 3rd game, dogsnail lifegain is based on creature you control so the gain life from duncan greater power was also a misplay of not reading cards, then played card but forgot to put tokken on table… wouldnt had changed the outcome but still…

Joe Alonzo says:

I’m just now watching this and i had an interesting thought, directed to @ duncankneedeep… in the future try combinations of different types of MTG battles… my example would have to be an UNSTABLE COMMANDER battle… just an idea, but if anyone agrees with me, or has any other examples of combinations, please feel free to like and comment with those combinations… we do well enough, @ duncankneedeep might do it

TurduckenNuggets says:

Please do more!!!!

toagunga says:

Please continue this!

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