Japanese National Championship 2017 Finals

Finals of the Japanese National Championship 2017
Format: Standard

Shota Yasooka (Temur Energy) vs. Kenta Harane (4-Color Energy)

Full Coverage: https://magic.wizards.com/en/events/coverage/2017natjp


DrunkenMilk says:

Nice Work!

Josh Yarbrough says:

In the first match at 14:00 why wouldn’t Harane just over pump his cub in response to the harnesses lightning and force Yasooka to burn through his energy to kill it? Then he wouldn’t have taken such a huge hit and Yasooka’s cub wouldn’t have gotten so huge. It’s not like the energy is being used by anything else

Simon Bowen says:


Travis Duncan says:

It looks like Shota forgot his land drop for turn at 35:12

Eisenwulf666 says:

Without even watching the video i would bet on Shoota. Man is a genius

Dudson Manlord says:

Great! Great Tempo, great comment!

Omar Alawadhi says:

why did Yu Ya concede

Quinton Cole says:

I like how it’s not live. Marshall and Paul are fun to listen too also. Good buds.

Yuglyoshi says:

the guy on the left has the biggest boner for shota, hopefully it last fewer than 4 hours

Dave Williams says:

By not live, I meant DVR/Tivo if that wasn’t clear.

Caleb Lane says:

I really really liked pre recording the matches. Just made viewing so much more enjoyable and fast

Ryan Kuhlenschmidt says:

I love watching these two commentate. They really are the best at what they do with how much energy they show.

Great match!

Mono_ _Kuma says:

I dont want to say in first but whatever..first!!!!!!

Nicklas D says:

Live is good too but you guys

p4tchMe says:

No skipping over shuffling is great! Plz MORE!!!

mushroomfall says:

liked the new coverage format, especially for non english speaking events, where you guys can commentate on the recorded match.

Jack Rosen says:

The new format for these were incredible. Continue to do coverage like this!

Louis Scott says:

Do a friday nights video

Nicklas D says:

I liket this so so good

Cheddar64 says:

kenta in 1st game did not pay 1 energy for rogue refiner.

Autodidactus Plays JRPGs says:

Why does everyone act like a fawning teenage girl when talking about Shota Yasooka? Am I missing something? Did he cure cancer while I was away?

Dave Williams says:

Besides the Superbowl, I haven’t watched a live sporting event in years. It’s not that hard to avoid the results when it is the Golden State Warriors, let alone the Japan Magic: The Gathering national finals. I LOVED this. It is like watching a draft video. No compromise on coverage, more time efficient and, frankly, more exciting as you don’t lose the mood between rounds & games.

charlie chaplin says:

Maybe fix the thumbnail to be like the others and not show who the finalists are?

DrewskiTheLegend says:

Jesus, Shota’s basic land base is worth more than all the other cards in both decks combined, and by a wide margin.

Christian O'Neil says:

So Kenta piled his graveyard in rows of three the first game, two the second game, and one the third game. Mindgames?

Chris says:

I got scammed out of my guru lands….feelsbad.

mikejonesnoreally says:

That was a tight, *hype* top 8, thanks for the coverage!  Great commentary too!  🙂

matt says:

watching net decks is so annoying

33shin33 says:

Honestly this is like better than nothing and I thank you guys for that but, nothing comes close to a live finals and the feels it brings. Another thing I would like to be remembered when the next tournament is going to happen, the comentator should advertise the next tournament at the end of the cast that would be fantastic. Nothing to complain here just good stuff ty again.

TheDrummer424 says:

prerecorded or live, as long as the sound and video is great. Thanks for uploading! Reid Duke, Brad Nelson and LSV are the only commentators I prefer to these two amazing gentlemen

Malice Mage says:

Perfect editing, just as I would expect from WotC

blabla123567890 says:

I liked the style, it’s faster than the usual where you have to skip the sideboarding, shuffling etc.

What really annoys me is at the pro tour, that the top 8 matches have the name of the players in the title of the videos, I don’t have time to watch the entire livestream, so I enjoy the tension when rewatching it, but it’s close to impossible not to get spoiled when you scroll through the videos 10-15x to find the next round.

kena romen says:

yasooka’s deck doesn’t have a single copy of glorybringer or chandra, not even in the sideboard. aren’t those key cards in temur energy builds? interesting

shrone dobson says:

Badass intro

isthis aname says:

Vizier of Many Faces in Shota’s sideboard! ef yeah, I knew that card was good in certain situations.

Clorox Bleach EyeDrop edition says:

What does Kenta mean in Japanese? A lot Japanese people seem to be named that.

pintlemounted says:

Took me a while to notice but these dudes are playing with english cards. Dang man must’ve been tough

Essefex says:

~ 4:30 — Joke’s on you– I am in fact watching it at 1.5 Speed.

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