Japanese National Championship 2017 Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals of the Japanese National Championship 2017
Format: Standard

Shota Yasooka (Temur Energy) vs. Yuta Hirosawa (4-Color Energy)

Full Coverage: https://magic.wizards.com/en/events/coverage/2017natjp


Itachi21x says:

I love Temur Energy

Damon Stark says:

36:52, Shota paid ONLY 2 energies to turn the counter on Longtusk Cub from 3 to 6 instead of 3 to 4, which did affect the future block from his opponent, is that a cheating ?

Rubens Edgard Navarro says:

Wow what a grindy match, never seen so many trackers tracking the track, very tricky

Tracy Alambatin says:

Casual player trying to get back in to the game after a while and I gotta say I’m actually enjoying watching these matches! Would be nice to see a close up of the cards as they are mentioned.

Eebbaa F. says:

31:30 Why couldn’t Yuta reanimate a Rogue Refiner and gain life?

Jace Tran says:

Shota is a master

Alan Feng says:

Is it a counterspell? Close enough!

Edmund Pollock says:

Amazing match, holy smokes. That attack on Chandra… I could look at that for an hour and still not find an optimal block

Rexxx says:

the third game: if you don’t attack you lose your advantage

Keaton Dark says:

Was this on twitch I think I watched this on twitch

Yuglyoshi says:

That last match was incredible

shrone dobson says:

Dark temur sounds good

zer0consequences says:

Nice sideboard view! They should do this for all the pro tour top 8s. Shota’s sideboard itself, however, looks questionable.

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