Joe Goes To A Magic: The Gathering Tournament (Grand Prix Las Vegas)

A visit to a Magic: The Gathering tournament. (Grand Prix Las Vegas)
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Directed & Shot by Jeff Abshier

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tuzmo says:

5:02 that happens to be Joe’s fetish

Ghost Hits says:

my dog loves Joe goes 😀 (see channel)

Aaron Tripp says:

Omg how did i find YOU # subscribed

Toalewa9889 says:

I really want to see magic: the gathering of the juggalos now

BReeper says:

Sausage party


Didnt know Joe Budden was in to Magic The Gathering

vahnn0 says:

0:43 Who’s banana whip girl?

ThingsAreLookingUp says:

Worth watching every episode just to see how the outro evolves. “Oh, little rude.” still gets me.

quiteindecisive says:

virgin level 5,400,004,000,000,000,234,000.1

Joel Evans says:

Funny, like every person he talked to at that event was surprisingly witty. Only a few awkward nerd moments. Are nerds getting…COOL?!!?!

tototyxxx says:

can I call you ma nagga?

puzzlebox says:

im trying to count all the females at the event. so far 1

harry boothole says:

the dude is the clutch shirt is awesome

Esteban Proaño says:

Great episode!

hooshangmaster says:

did you meet the ass crack prayer guy?

Porco Rosso says:

the US government should start printing cards instead of cash?! I guess it would be worth less once the government starts printing cards.

FR010ijsselmonde says:

What about sex? I heard its even better than magic

witty screen name says:

This was great. Next time, become a master wizard

Ned Gold says:

That guy who poses with the asscrack photos is a legend. Im bot surprised these faggots banned him.

TheDucksauce says:

I play magic… but not like this holy shit

Lumberbutton says:

CLUTCH! F yeah!

JonnyDVD says:

This Channel is entertaining as hell. Humans of all cultures and fandom sure are interesting . And your channel shows humour is universal. Keep it up joe.

Robert Tietetank says:

7:15 Thats just you having a big dump

Ned Gold says:

Probably the smelliest place on earth.

Fluffy Little Bear says:

Just realized Joe is the least nerdy person in this video.

What is this world coming to?

Danny Tumia says:

i have a feeling the dude wearing the thrasher tee shirt knows nothing about skateboarding….FUCK

drunkgorilla says:

Instead of Joe Goes how about a Joe Stops.

Haas says:

Joe you should place an amazon affiliated link to the 3d dog cards…

stevoe05 says:

I think Joe finally met his match. All smart witty people who got his humor right away. Fun vid.

TheAGCteam says:

The part where you got taught Magic was amazing, really great back and forth chatter.

John Crichton says:

that dude is the richest nerd i’ve ever seen

matt Walter says:

fuck these people look so douchey
they remind me of my brothers old friends they never wanted to go outside just play GameCube all day and they got super salty if I asked to do something else

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