M19 EXCLUSIVE Preview Card, Grand Prix Vegas Tournament Report + More | Magic the Gathering

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On this episode, Maria and Meghan recap the insanity, the awesomeness, and the hangovers that were Grand Prix Vegas. Find out how our hosts fared in the Modern and Limited main events as well as the spicy sides they chose to take on! You’ll also hear some EPIC bad beats, a PSA on board-state regulation from Meghan, and be introduced to a shiny *brand new* M19 preview card! PLUS: M & M dive into more juicy M19 previews, a fun new segment is born in “The Button”, and the ladies decide which plant they would be if they were a plant. It’s a very important decision.

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Mordalon says:

Ajani’s Last Stand is a flashback to when Ajani stopped Bolas from destroying Alara by summoning a Avatar reflection of Bolas.

Jon Schlice says:

if you want to ride… don’t ride the white horse

Donald Wininger says:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyvern is this what u mean?

sertaki says:

I think Maria is the real Maria!

Mordalon says:

I honestly don’t know why people are so troubled by 1 damage to the board. Is that effect so uncommon in Standard that people have such a hard time adapting?

Nick Chase says:

Hashtag DRAKES

Donovan Simmons says:

17:02 Is it a Drake? #Wingarmsnotbird

beanslinger6 says:

Wyvern, aka the other WOTC CCG of the original era. 😉

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