Magic Eternal Weekend North American Vintage Championship – Presented by Card Titan


catherine javellana says:

paradoxical outcome <3

Nicholas Fanzo says:

we can’t cut this up into different matches? sitting through 11 hrs is kind of demanding.

Friday Night Fight Night says:

Free 7 mulligan?

Brian Warner says:

I can’t wait to get my broadcasting stuff up and running so I can stop being forced to hear annoying wrong and especially poser crap like “pilot” of a deck or “Thalia” being pronounced obviously wrong. Oh gosh and when they say deep in the tank for different things or when they say in the red zone or smash when they actually mean attack because obviously we all know red zone means to be within range of losing. Or tards naming decks improperly like “junk” which was actually a Junk Diver deck way back when, or naming White Weinies “Death and Taxes” Even though before that trend there was actually a Death and Taxes deck years ago which revolved around white and black the player not “pilot” would use the black for draw and kill balanced with the white for life gain and kill all while paying life into the black gaining it back with the white. Also everyone with a brain HATES Mathias Hunt and everyone with ears or a little manners HATES Randy Buehler. Why do fat sloppy people always have fat sloppy names?

Andrey Alexandrov says:

Joseph Bogaard should have looked at opponents sideboard when he was controlling his opponent i think.

hydralisk102 says:

lol. Watching these matches just asking myself “how is this fun?”

Michael Mitchell says:

Why are these decks so slow?

Kings&Cannibals says:

there’s nothing more irritating to me then after you shuffle like 5 or 6 slaps then you pass to your opp for a cut and he continues to shuffle for 4 or 5 more slaps… like comon it’s random we get it -_-

Unnamed Gio says:

27:58 he should pay 1 for that mox

RendanTH says:

Brass Man is really doing a great job with commentary. I hope he will be coming back for VSL.

christopher lacey says:

Whaaaat? Michael Butzen soo baddd.. gives his opponent the win even though had the draw already.. I guess that’s fair given how bad he was.. I don’t care if you “haven’t played in a long time” and are just showing up to play a magic tournament.. Nobody randomly shows up to play vintage like this… If I were his opponent I would have been staring at him with that awkward silence in the air.. Maybe this guy felt bad for taking so many extra random hurp-durp turns in game 2 when he had the win already and how badly he played game 3 that he gave him the win he would have gotten in the end… Man >_<, how does someone let their opponent take a turn when he already had time vault & key in play lol? Drawing out the game / running down the clock for no reason at all.. Combined with the failure to know what mystical tutor does.. pulls out a Tolarian academy wtf lol... gets a judge call on him.. I also remember seeing him reach over and read his opponent's ancient tomb as if he didn't know what that card did either.. Wtf is this guy doing in a vintage tournament?

bdc3141 says:

Watching sloppy play is so frustrating
4:40:52 He doesn’t know what his own card does
8:06:00 He tries to play 2 lands
8:15:45 He tries to play 2 lands again
8:19:05 He discards down to 8 (not 7)
8:50:45 He puts Force and blue card both in his graveyard

Thuran says:

Round 1, game 2: 28:30 Did Steve Rubin not cheat? He cast the mox without paying its mana cost, even if Thalia increased it to cost 1 mana.

Bryan McAtee says:

Poor sportsmanship by Rich Shay. shame on you sir

GM Freeman says:

Ooooh, I member vintage.

Card Titan says:

12:55 – Round 1: Steve Rubin v Nick Detwiler
34:24 – Round 1: Mathew Murray v Roland Chang
1:23:14 – Round 2: Reid Duke v Patrick Brennan
1:50:32 – Round 2: Ryan Dail v Hiromichi Ito
2:36:47 – Round 3: Kevin Cron v Sullivan Brophy
3:08:11 – Round 3: Jon Hammack v Andrew Markiton
3:48:58 – Round 4: Reid Duke v Nick Detwiler
4:12:51 – Round 4: Michael Butzen v Rich Shay
5:19:00 – Round 5: Derek Galacher v Allen Shank
5:47:17 – Round 5: Michael Van Dyke v Jonathan Suarez
6:28:26 – Round 6: Marc Frias v Preston Cordy
7:02:40 – Round 6: Chris Pepin v Joe Brennan
7:33:08 – Round 7: Kurt Crane v Joseph Bogaard
8:49:26 – Round 8: Andrew Markiton v Brian Kelly
9:14:39 – Round 8: Reid Duke v Preston Cordy
9:25:01 – Round 8 Andrew Markiton v Brian Kelly (Game 2 and 3)
10:03:00 – Round 9: Reid Duke v Hiromichi Ito
10:27:23 – Round 9: Brian Kelly v Brian P.

Fernando Gonzalez Jara says:

Someone else can’t watch this video on their phones?

Roomy says:

Of course his Emrakul draw was a Chandra. Obviously. Emrakul only shows up right when your opponent is about to draw the one perfect card from his deck to fuck himself over. So his opponent gets to screw everything with his Chandra, and then he gets a lotus petal.

James Downs says:

Lol at 1:26:45 “I’d Strip Mine you if you had fucking lands.” Like Reid is about to beat his opponent without playing a single land.

Orcutt 25 says:

There’s gameplay? I only saw a lot of money

ken90017 says:

I can’t view this. It won’t load

Hans-Martin Brandl says:

Where can I find the deck lists ?

Daniel Barron says:

Randy is a cool guy. He’s like the only mtg player that doesn’t make me want to burn my cards and get a gym membership.

Edit: Also I just got an engraved space pen but they spelled my name as “Barton” ; hope they respond to my email. #truestory

joy barber says:

that dude was straight up cheating.

Roomy says:

Yeah Joseph Bogaard is an asshole. The whole deck is built to frustrate the opponent into conceding, and how often he tried to cheat multiple lands into play in the same turn while he had a completely controlled, dominant board state is just beyond dick move. He’s not getting flustered and making mistakes. He knows when he’s doing it.

Oh wow, and now he just forgoes discard. This isn’t “pressure”. This is an asshole.
8:20:00 You can see it in Andrew’s eyes. He knows, but he’s an announcer, so he doesn’t say anything. His opponent was right not to shake his hand.

rodrigo6699 says:

There is not going to be the Legacy event uploaded?

RogueCulture says:

Hi, are you going to load the Legacy champs coverage?

James Fowler says:

Loving this. It alsomakes me sad I had to sell my collection. Unemployed in Michigan can be devastating. Thanks again guys. I love this channel.

James Fowler says:

I love watching Reed duke

PraetorGix says:

MTG As Garfield fucking intended it. Go fuck yourself MaRo.

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