Magic: The Gathering Arena Developer Stream – March Update Preview

Blake and Chris Cao preview the new update coming to MTG Arena March 22. Here there be dragons.


Zaki Aoi says:

where’s the trading??

Dan Lagerstedt says:

Do some one know if we going to be able to play commander in MTGArena?

Fernando Zaldivar says:

Change economy put a dust or market sistem, the wild cards economy plus rotations will scare people

Ebon 6 says:

Good job team Arena!! I’ve been a casual player since Legends, and I’ve played about every iteration of magic, and this looks great!!! I was disappointed with “Magic Duels” mainly because they stopped supporting it, but after seeing “Arena” my confidence has been restored!! I literally cannot wait until this game is released. Keep up the good work!

Stickler ForBricks says:

i have been playing the beta for a couple months now, really the only nit pic i have is seeing the highlights of the cards u are looking at, when your opponent mouses over stuff, its a huge give away to stratagies and thought processees when i get to see and know tis happening

Dylan Le says:

Is it going to be Mac compatible?

Swifter358 says:

can you take away the slant and make the cards bigger on the board

Pauper Player says:

Not seeing the abilities on the full art cards is pretty straining- feel like I’m going to often forget/misremember text wording or assume things are contextually vanilla.

I’m stoked have standard on mobile, I’ll play probably as much as I played magic2015 (don’t know if that’s a win for Wotc) but I won’t make the switch from mtgo because it’s a better representative of magic. I feel bad because this project will ultimately end up like duels/ magic2015 and fizzle into obscurity.

Coolspa says:

So this is the Hearthstone game engine, but with MTG?

Braken Park says:

This is a huge missed opportunity. The fact that it’s standard only basically tells everyone I play with that it’s not for us. We don’t care for standard, but would love an update to modo. Instead we get this. Guess magic is trying to forget about eternal formats

Michael Ngiam says:

Can we get more tilt on the tapped cards for better contrast at a glance?

Wildboy789789 says:

Izzet time 🙂

Simon J. Dahl says:

what formats will be available to play

trueblueclue says:

Hello I heard about this game from Ignideus’s Shadowverse channel. I’m definitely going to try this game and pay attention to it. As somebody who saw the cost of getting into Magic prohibitive I hope you take some inspiration from Shadowverse in terms of newbie and f2p friendliness. SV is generous to new players and rewards players for playing the game and climbing the competitive ladders and using the Take Two draft mode. I also hope you guys push that cool Western Fantasy art style of Magic more in the actual matches and add more flair to the arena like SV pushes that Anime fantasy style by adding more arenas and music. I know it’s an alpha build but the current arena looks a bit boring. So far the software looks damn good and a huge improvement over MTG Online.

Chickenman161 says:

Custom animations for unique effects, lol enjoy that massive increase in scope.

implanted straw says:

So wild cards can be turned into any card they want?

adirtybyrd says:

What about time/money invested in Duels. Maybe. Some kind of kick back?

Pauper Player says:

If my opponent tapped like that..

Matthew Smith says:

What’s the deal with the wild cards?

Thiago Brito says:

I still wonder why they quit magic duels to do this new game. I was happy with that game ang got all cards, now i dont want to plays this one… they did all wrong! I think they should have updated duels instead of doing a new game… now that i have lost my investments in duels i dont feel confident to invest anything in this new game…

Thiago Brito says:

Maybe a bonus for those who invested time and money on duels should be fair right?

kidde13 says:


Mike Iskandarani says:

Can’t wait

masamune Lol says:

How i can get that game ? Wait for release ?

X says:

Signed up early-mid October, haven’t gotten into closed beta. Last email from wizards on the topic was on January 19th… Is this normal or was I somehow taken off the list?

Mike Grill says:

These guys are idiots they should just release arena preloaded with all of the best net decks in modern and let them duke it out..they would make so much money that way everyone would want to play

Steven Alsip says:

This looks like garbage.

Flodux says:

So are we going to be able keep our collections unlike duels? If so that will be awesome. Also, will there be foil cards? I hope so as well

Viktor Dorokhov says:

Maybe incorporate some Masters sets there instead the whole Modern as a compromise?

Technetium1337 says:

Now lets pray that they include booster codes in the packs u buy. same as pokemon does it

TakeTheRedPill says:

This looks like someone tried their best to combine Hearthstone and MTGO and just didn’t have a good idea what they were doing. At least there’s an another place for me to spend money on cards besides MTGO or paper.

thatGameGuy says:

I wanna import my physical collection with my phone camera

Jesse Stevens says:

Will commander be playable in a multiplayer format?

Azoron _ says:

Oh man I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, will there be a option for 2v2 combat ? I really hope so!

Druido Bianco says:

Will magic arena be on ios?


Lands tap, most of MTG players are Engineers, Lawyers and Engineers. They all have logical minds.

Alex Cameron says:

This game lost me. It’s not Hearthstone no matter how much you pretend it is. The tapping system is unnatural and I can’t even inspect my hand because of the clunky UI.

thatGameGuy says:

Needs to be like those skylander toys, or amibo. Buy the physical product for collection, digital redeem the product for online play convenience.

AbyssalOrca says:

Blue and black are too strong

ChrisWaddup says:

Hey, looks great. What about a beta key? =D

Thank you!! =DD

Steve Sthair says:

Looks good, can you pick your own battle field? i would just like a field of grass.

Massimo Ceccarelli says:

Now is possibile stream on twitch and Youtube?

Erik says:

please put cheap non-keeper drafts in! I just love to draft

Leonardo Bassetto says:

Please 90 degree taps! Or something more than 45!

ds94 says:

Artifact waiting room

Kristian Etienne Einarsrud says:

Looks like a great update – looking forward to try it out!

Keep up the good work!

Dan L. says:

I really enjoy the crafting system but it looks like a hearthstone clone to be honest (and as a hearthstone player that’s been playing since the beta, that game sucks, do not follow its practices lol…)
Also really dislike the square cards, they seems ugly to me, doesn’t feel like *magic*

Scrobacca says:

The main problem I’ve found, is that if you click “end turn” because you have nothing to do, and your opponent casts an instant, the game doesn’t stop and let you respond.

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