Magic: The Gathering – Attending Your First FNM

Jack the Mind Sculptor here with a guide on attending your first Friday Night Magic. Tips on how you should interact and what to expect!

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Patrick Starr says:

How do I people?

Strangest Gibus says:

Will people just go toxic if I use a intro deck?

jayblade2000 says:

Thank you very much

twitchster77 says:

Also, thanks for mentioning the thing about not worrying about calling over the judge…I use to be so afraid to call over a judge cause I thought it’d annoy my opponents haha :P.

Also…magic *IS* my life!
I think I’d have a better chance of survival if I ran out of oxygen to breath, then I would with  magic being ripped out of my life!
lol 😉

Awesome video man! Really appreciated.

CK says:

Yup take a shower. There was this guy in my high school that smelled so bad that it made your nose sting

ROSA_LES88 says:

I was super nervous my first time lol

Dan Mathews says:

I LOVE MTG but at my game store they don’t have the formats I feel comfortable with, they have standard and draft but I don’t play standard because it is to expensive and I’ve never even done draft, HELP.

Nick Wancho says:

The fact you have to mention personal hygiene just says so much. Lol goddamn manchildren

Anime Energy says:

can you make guide about what to bring to a Friday Night Magic

fireinacan says:

Saw the LEGOs in the background and I hit subscribe.

Linus Strandin says:

hi im 13 and playing mutch magic whit my friends and family. im thinking of goingt to a fnm and im wondering what the age the most pepol are at a fnm. im pretty worid about going to one. i play a blue and green deck some tips and tricks would be nice

Joshua Manning says:

I don’t mean to be a jerk but the website given are the most expensive i’ve seen magic

Eduardo Cassiano says:

great start actually

マスタートランプゲーム says:

Is there an age restriction?

Kali Scibilia says:

great vid, definitely want to see you do an other vid about these pointers but while in game, like handling cheating!

TheJDHawk says:

I just started playing mtg and I’m confused about standard and modern, is there like certain cards you can’t use? Or like how are they different?

TheOneWhoPlaysRandomThings With Special Guests says:

1 question: What kind of rewards do you get at FNM?

BotWzy says:

I’m going to my first FNM (or I’m going to play my first FNM tournement tomorrow. BTW sorry if I spelled tournement wrong xD) and I’m going to take most of the tips. Thanks man.

TrickShot865 says:

Hey.. I’ve been looking online and I could not find anywhere answering my question which I desperately want to know. How does Friday Night Magic actually work? Do you just go there and play with whoever you see “available” or are you set with certain people like a tournament? I want to start going to FNM as I’ve been playing Mtg for a while, but I would like to know how it works in more detail as I am kind of nervous.

Class Act says:

I barely know any of the cards,won’t they be mad if I’m constantly asking what their cards do?

Retloth says:


Buy some new shoes, and spend some quarters on laundry instead of cards!

Ethan Hollis says:

is there a specific format to go by at FNM? I just have the blessed vs cursed duel decks and cards from shadows over innistrad packs. plz help xD

FoUr says:

hey when will u make.more vids

tcat19861 says:

I just went to my first Friday Night Magic I was so nervous my hands shook so bad I was dropping cards and my voice was crackly its not as bad as it seems everybody’s nice anxiety fucking sucks I went 1-6 and it turned out to be pretty funny you should definitely go

Blue Skull Gaming says:

What do you bring to fnm and how much does it cost?

A Bomb says:

Thank you so much I’m attending my first Friday night magic and this helped a lot.

iTrolley says:

I’ve always played the MTG video games with my friends, but never put time and effort into creating a deck with real cards. Lately I’ve wanted to start playing with the cards and I’ve got a good collection of M15 from a booster box and fat pack. What I’m really wondering is what typical game types are played at FNMs? Like if I make a deck will it get used? Or is it just sealed events? Thanks guys!

Cosmo TheSavage says:

Can u use any deck on Friday night magic?

MetalGearRexPilot says:

Not sure if you view these comments, but I’d like to add that before the game is incredibly important as well.  A polite and nice introduction is a great way to open up communication between both players.

For example, before each match, I offer a handshake and say “Hello, my name is —-.” Then continue with a basic question: “How’s your night going?”  “How long have you been playing?”  You know, just minor stuff so THEY don’t feel uncomfortable.  Being the polite guy makes things far less awkward on both sides of the table.

PRE-EMPTIVE-NESS is the word of the day.

Tomas Campos says:

Ive never played at a fnm before and I dont really understand standard and all that if I go do I have to participate in the event or can I just play and how do u know the people who wont jip u in trades

twitchster77 says:

lol my local card shop has a big sign telling you to not even enter if you’ve got bad odor. I get such a kick out of that! lol 😀

Christopher Natonski says:

Thanks I’m only a teen and I only play with my freinds and i want to play with new people but I’m afraid they will be angry if I don’t get something right

Ernest Enriquez says:

I should have look at this video before attending first night.

Dubstep Kartoffel says:

So im actually 13 and just have 1 friend which plays MTG and my local store offers FNM too but they offer free drinks and stuff so I dont know if its really somehting for me … sounds like its only for guys that are grown up :/

asgure says:

lol brought to you by MTGdeals.

I’m watching this so I can go there and not look stupid..

Logan Moore says:

Wow, thank you for making this video. It helped me, because im kind of a beginner and im going to a fnm pretty soon and this helped me alot. Thank you x100

John Johnson says:

Ugh, gotta shower?
I thought this was a game not a job interview

Link Clash says:

thnx for making this video

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