Magic the Gathering GP Atlanta 2018 Round 1 Modern


Tyler Reese says:

Cheating. Bedsole two lands on turn at 4:40. No life time ban??

zizi orens says:

Well Luke deserved it for cheating in g2. I might be bias though – was rooting for UW all the way.

Kelson Brewer says:

Why would you not path the freebooter and then use push on the champion….. I don’t understand these plays

Lewis Winer IV says:

Burke not counting the damage from the exalted trigger at any point in the match fun fun

JuiceHansen says:

Watching that Settle the Wreckage happen was as painful as getting kicked in the nuts.

Prosper Waldmann says:


Colin Hernandez says:

Luke you clooown!!

Alex says:

This match was very painful to watch

Alejandro García Gijón says:

El juagdor de tokens es un pelin malo

reslime says:

noble hierarch best mana creature? and what about deathrite shaman

Simon Willig says:

No judgment but seems like Burke maybe just isn’t very experienced playing magic or modern specifically, based on his plays and reading cards and such. For those commenting on his playing

Brian Robertson says:

Play horizon canopy crack it, then play cavern of souls and no one caught that at the table really?

Ian Astraquillo says:

Dude! You path the booter and push the champion!!!

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