Magic the Gathering GP Birmingham 2018 Finals Legacy


Drew Peterson says:

k this commentator is awesome

Trump says:

this is why you need to run basics in you’re deck, blood moon punishes people with greedy manabases

Valentin Trevino says:

Not fond on the way he put both cards back from brainstorm.. too easy for sleight of hand..

Eric says:

EVERY TIME Riley unprofessionally complains about mismatched cards. Seriously, dude.

Gabriel G. says:

Filthy brainstorm players

EvilSanta says:

How is Kowalski able to even declare a target with Lighting Bolt with the intention of seeing if Campbell “remembers” his Chalice is on 1? Isn’t this against the rules and something a judge would point out if Campbell did in fact not see the line? Chalice isn’t a may ability…

djudpl says:


Peter Kryger Sørensen says:

Man the commentators are annoying

Victor Pluntky says:

What’s the point of 2/2 vanillas for 3 mana? Surely there must be better creatures?

Julian Velez says:

Why didn’t Campbell play ensnaring bridge earlier in game 1

KiritoIsAlwaysRight says:

Red prison is savage

Manuel Uribe says:

Pyro prision rules

Gavin Stewart says:


Gavin Olivas says:

Way to go John McCain

argsgsgs gnngndg says:

deathrite vs bloodmoon: legacy in a nutshell

Arek Krolak says:

it’s Kowalski not Koualski 🙂

JuiceHansen says:

Definitely teared up at the end, you can see how much it meant to him. Well deserved, sir!

Raphael Cotia says:

Mannn.. this delver playa made a lot of missplays.. Gee

Derek LeStrange says:


Fuck Off says:

Actually fell asleep…

Joseph Flynn says:

I really like this duo as a commentary team.

King Bone says:

Truly awesome

mbiernacki9 says:

How are we suppose to see what are they playing

ESP4thaWin says:

2:13 he broke a rule. Can’t rearrange cards in graveyard in legacy <3 Brainstorm should be beneath Scalding Tarn. newbs

Bryan Carr says:

They need to force a shuffle rule or have judge reshuffle then cut

Víctor Gabriel Valenzuela says:

The Scottish godfather

Jacob Arnold says:

Question, do we know if he tried casting the spells into chalice to try to trick Gary into letting it resolve, or if it was an honest mistake (a lot of stress obviously happens and they have a lot going on in their heads)? I know their are things in place for misrepresenting game state and etc, but it just seems scummy if he did that on purpose.

Bryan Carr says:

I hate how ppl keep going through there cards in there hand like shuffling a couple cards hoping one will change lmao just hold the damn things

Miagolio Maxwell says:

Their decks probably cost more than my house.

Horacio Saucedo Elías says:

Glad to see grixis loose, and glad to have now the Probe and Deadrite banned.

MTG Foil says:

17:53 is why I hate that people cut my deck…

Jester7 says:


Frank Castle says:

Probe does not say look at your opponents hand and write down each card they have. Also if you cant win on turn 1 in legacy you fail at magic.

Ruben says:

Why didnt he take damage from the force of will in the beginning?

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