Magic the Gathering GP Dallas Fort Worth 2018 Draft 2 Dominaria Sealed/Draft


PalPlays says:

Man…he had a window to switch to green. If he had, there were two Grow from the Ashes, two Llanowar Elves, Saproling Migration, Yavimaya Sapherd, Sporecrown Thallid and a Territorial Allosaurus waiting for him.

TheYuxiaodi says:

the dude saying that has to be the first card named after a magic format… other way around maybe mr I-am-supposed-to-know-a-bit-about-what-I-am-casting?

William Simkulet says:

It’s always disappointing to hear commenters dance around the weakness of the set’s design.

forgetfulnoob 90 says:

the guy was drafting jank for so long

BlazingSerenade says:

As soon as I saw that late saproling migration I knew green was open

Han Daimond says:

A shame he choose White, all that good green stuff…

Nathan Dean says:

Late to this video, but had to share. During the Dominaria prerelease, I suffered a beat down to a Yargle – Pegasus Courser combo.

Harrison Jensen says:

I feel like pack 1 for him was a total train wreck, I would have picked a different card in almost every instance in his

taner raven says:

what is the marking they draw on the card?

Aaron Hooker says:

That first draft was truly painful. OMG, so painful

john Smith says:

well Aaron did really well all day the commenters and u guys don’t know shit tbh

PalPlays says:

Grow from the Ashes and Saproling Migration are near-windmill slams for me if I can cast them. I’ll add green if I see them early enough.

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