Magic the Gathering GP Milwaukee 2018 Finals Standard


betasony says:

Sullivan the izzet prophet

Ad Astra says:

A con artist winning by talking his way out of a cheat

Ted Choss says:

OMG 8’40

Dana Coleman says:

If I die and get to be reborn I want to come back as Reid Duke. Love that guy! Maria is awesome too! Great coverage folks!

dugib says:

He kept a hand with 1 no blue land, 5 uncastable spells and not a single castable cantrip, then proceeded to draw a land each turn till he could wrath everything twice…
Seriously fuck luck

Troy Johnston says:

Adrian should have lost game two right after they saw him make that mistake. In my opinion he was cheating. It looks clear to me that he was pretending he had a Scry trigger multiple times from a card he should know very well what it does. Ignorance is not a valid excuse. If I were that judge I’d snap DQ him one game.

Ignacio Medina says:

honest mistake, what round were the finals? after how many scry? Sullivan is the champ not only because of skills, also because of his innovation of a deck. thanks for sharing and let me remember this great game.

Henry Maloney says:

Milwaukee not mininapills

Danny Solis says:

@28:30 I’m glad that Reid pointed out the scry-draw with Teferi @28:00 while keeping his chill but also showing his concern and confusion.

Wookie Jom says:

Whats with Adrian’s treasure map? 15:14

flip flop says:

do these players have access to each others’ decklists beforehand?

Bradley Beckford says:

This seems alot more like a jeskai midrange not so much control

AGENT 97 says:

Nice cheat move. That scry was totally illegal. The pros cheat often, and get a slap on the wrist if it’s seen as unintentional which is b.s.

Gabriel Almeida says:

I muted the audio because of the commentators. Yack

mindless monk says:


david collins says:

Why isn’t there a judge sitting right there for the finals watching the guys cheat.

Fantupo Marsupialis says:

The New Teferi!!! with Opts!!!

BMc_MtG says:

At 28:00 Adrian plays teferi and +1s and appears to scry 1 instead of draw… obvious cheat or minor mistake?

Pipper Elf says:

Como llego ese tipo a la final?? se perdió las dos partidas por no atacar con el carnage, aunque tenga settle en mano yo ataco igual, le costo el gp…

Riehl says:

In the first game, Brian has 9 life, Adrian plays Explosion for 4, dealing 4 damage by the spell and 4 more from the draw/niv, where the other 1 damage comes from?

Rosendo Bautista says:

Omg I fucking hate jeskai players… 5 minute turns with a full hand and all untapped lands. Dude didn’t even know what he had on the stack, just finish the game….

MLObenza says:

44:02 Grand Prix what?

Mike Asterios says:

Yeah! go Izzet!

Troy Johnston says:

@ggslive Your winner is a cheater and probably cheated the whole tournament long with that b/s Scry trigger.

sqrlmonger says:

For those of you commenting about “cheating”, let me walk you through how these issues are handled by judges (I used to be a Judge). This is the Infraction Procedure Guide (or IPG for short):

This document governs penalties at Magic tournaments in order to promote penalties being applied fairly to all participants. First, the reason this is not a cheating penalty is laid out in section 4.8:
*4.8 Unsporting Conduct — Cheating*

*Definition:* A person breaks a rule defined by the tournament documents, lies to a tournament official, or notices an offense committed in his or her (or a teammate’s) match and does not call attention to it.

Additionally, the offense must meet the following criteria for it to be considered Cheating:
• The player must be attempting to gain advantage from his or her action. *(Adrian Qualifies)*
• The player must be aware that he or she is doing something illegal. *(Adrian Doesn’t Qualify)*

*If all criteria are not met, the offense is not Cheating and should be handled by a different infraction.* Cheating will often appear on the surface as a Game Play Error or Tournament Error, and must be investigated by the judge to make a determination of intent and awareness.

In other words, absent any *evidence* that Adrian intentionally scry’d knowing it was not legal, it is not cheating. In other words a cheating infraction is for cheating, not mistakes. Now, given how far ahead Adrian is at the moment this issue occurs, and given that he knows he is on multiple cameras (see 35:24), it is a stretch to conclude that he was angle shooting here without very strong evidence to support that conclusion.

Finally, this was not a “2.3 Game Play Error — Drawing Extra Cards” infraction because no extra cards were actually drawn. Adrian improperly performed a “Scry 1, Draw a card.” for his Teferi +1 activation and then drew for his turn. Since he drew two cards and was supposed to draw two cards the penalty does not qualify as drawing extra cards. Instead it appears to have been handled as “Game Play Error — Looking at Extra Cards” for having looked at the extra card while scrying which only carries a warning and a deck remedy.

The deck remedy is less focused on penalizing Adrian and more focused on returning the game state to as close to what it should be as possible. So in this case, Adrian knows about a card on the bottom of his library that he shouldn’t, so the remedy is to randomize the portion of his library he doesn’t/shouldn’t know about. Thus the head judge asked about other cards that had been scry’d to the bottom/top so that they would stay where they are supposed to be. Then the extra card he had looked at, and the unknown portion of the library, were shuffled together to randomize them back into an unknown state.



If it’s an honest mistake than just conceed the game.

Invisible says:

since the commentators/most comments down here seem to miss it: adrian opted instead of doing draw a card for teferi’s +1.
he first scryed AND drew a card. dunno whats wrong with the judges. they could’ve just seen this in the video material…

6000pounds says:

Stop making excuses for misplays. Games should be forfeited. Mistake was made? You lose the game. I don’t care how many cards you have that scry.

Vincent Rios says:

Que tramposo, ahora teferi hace scry?

Jeremiah Bachmann says:

Why is there more attention being made to the clean up of the chairs than there is to the Grand Prix Finals??? What is wrong with this picture?

spaceLegos says:

She needs to shut the fuck up during the ruling so we can actually hear what the judges and players are saying. They’re not saying anything interesting and now she’s talking about Thanksgiving. Stfuuuuu

Josh Southcott says:

Adrian sounds so annoying to play against Jesus Christ

Tyubirocks1 says:

That one point of damage from the elves so relevant game one lmao

Eric Simon says:

Hey Maria…..shut the he11 up girl. Every single person watching at home wanted to hear the judge. Reid was quiet until the judge was sitting and not talking. Shut the hell up.

Head Officer Cofax says:

My god the audio quality is so bad.

sadboys2002 says:

She’s a shitty commentator. All she knows how to do is say what’s happening immediately at that moment. There should be more commentators like Reid that offer different lines of play and actual insight into the game state.

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