Magic the Gathering GP Oakland 2019 Finals Modern


NathinHoowland says:


Daniel Nightingale says:

The life total tracker was off, hunter was at 14 from 2 arclight attacks, making the burn spells lethal through the spellbomb

Faboalliance Claros says:


Allen Moore says:

i feel like this is a perfect representation of when you cum to early

Karl Peterson says:

eduardo’s confusion is priceless

fluffy bunnyz says:

They prolly decided to split the top 2 prize pools 7.5k is better then 10 and 5
I would have called after a time out mid game to the airport for a later flight
That’s just dumb make it to the finals and just scoop like a punk ass b!tch

pigletanator says:

Do none of you know what a prize split it? They were likely just playing for the trophy at that point. Hunter didnt need the pro points because he already has platinum for a year thanks to winning the pro tour.

Adrián Núñez says:

Her: come over!
Hunter Cochran: I can’t. I’m playing the Oakland GP finals
Her: But my parents aren’t home
Hunter Cochran: 4:42

alvaro torrent calvo says:

This is so weird. You make 10k by winning a GP, 5k for the second…who is this guy who leaves 30m earlier loosing 5k…?

Brama says:

wait wha

drake says:

might be the weirdest finals of an mtg tournament ever

Germany Jones says:

Lol modern

Toomanyhobbiestocount says:

This was a waste of a video.

Yadid Colon says:

Possibility of winning 10k, the hell with the lost flight, he can buy another one no problem! Geesh!

Vagner Silveira says:

Why he concede ??

Angel Oneill says:

Guys chill. They split the money. These two guys are pros and friends. They had to both catch a flight. This was honestly a win win for both of them considering Eli got to also become a platinum player.

Raging Poo says:


Mike Kenny says:

They both needed to catch a flight, they both probably had a deal with a game of one and whoever won that the other would concede

Liam Wood says:

What a waste -.-

Splash Attack TCG says:

Lol, wtf? He just gave it up like that? Looks like a set up.

kyrios0307 says:

Eli: EZ Clap

SpartanDeluxe says:

So apparently he needed to be at his job or with his girlfriend ASAP (or else: meltdown). Otherwise this makes absolutely no sense, why he left.

Bayou Boy Entertainment says:

Prime example of what Gerry Thompson was talking about these things are so unorganized for the pros, its the Finals and they both rush to catch flights and cut the match short.

Brennan Walden says:

Making it to the finals of a Grand Prix and conceding… seems a tad disrespectful, especially because you had to eliminate people to get there who actually give a shit.

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