Magic the Gathering GP Oakland 2019 Round 5 Modern


Knud Saborowski says:

Thank you Corey for keeping grixis control alive

Jackie Singleton says:

Comic Book Guy says “Worst ending EVER!” P


Grixis sucks. Corey needs to play a real deck.

Dave Knows Best says:

What ended up happening???? The video cuts off to a “short break” right at the end

Aidan Durrant says:

As someone trying to learn to play Grixis, this match makes me happy

soberkids says:

24:03 was kinda weird. I think once he grabs a card from his library and pulls it towards him he is in his draw step and can not go back and fetch. I don’t think he cheated but it opens it up to cheating if you can do this. Some sneaky card peeking? Not sure what the rule here is?

J3553 Music says:

2:40 smooooooth

MrBrandonra says:

In game three since when is countersquall 2 mana

Luan Barbosa says:

Kolaghans comand on Ooze game 3 was the Key Mistake . Good old Grixis Control, Each Missplay = a lost. This year I am done suffering and I turned mine into a Sweet Blue Moon deck,Now I inflict suffering upon others

dearberlin says:

Corey is as excentric as Picasso.

whitepawsQc says:

@29:40, the creping tar pit is unblockable if I remember? Why does it trade with the creature on board?

Mike Tiberi says:

6:45 …….

Jonjey Comms says:

Maria has the worst laugh of any human I’ve ever heard. Right up there with Hillary Clinton.

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