Magic the Gathering GP Richmond 2018 Round 13 Legacy


John Murphy says:

Why wasn’t Baleful Strix a legal target? I must have missed something.

Brian Warner says:

I hate it how that moron Matt Nass will draw 3 or 4 cards then put them on the table, and then drawing the other 3 or 4 of the 7 needed afterward putting those onto the stack. Only to then fucking pick them up 1 at a time for no reason other than playing time wasting games with himself. If he was doing the 1 card at a time to prevent drawing extra he fucked it up by drawing it in 2 chunks first. So he is literally wasting time.

Fight Milk says:

I haven’t seen my mtg cards since 2004, I don’t know how I ended up here or what’s going on. I like it though

Googleplus Isterrible says:

Matt’s record is based on his skill. Not the deck. The deck is just straight bad. It has almost no consistency. Matt, really earned the 10-2 that got him here.

Andre Benoit says:

I wish I knew any of those cards.

Bladerxdxi says:

did reid still have Bolt in hand game 1?

adamjri says:

Everyone here bashing the judge like they’re experts on CREL and the IPG, smh. It’s very simple. Reid committed a Game Rules Violation. Matt failed to catch the GRV, so he failed to maintain game state. Both receive warnings, but Matt’s is not upgradeable. Judge handled it perfectly.

Eddie Davenport says:

Judge is totally an ass here. I would totally push this up to head judge. Good on Matt for not getting mad here

Rope Wrangler says:


Jilax west says:

how does he play that many cards of round 1 with 1 mana?

Raging Poo says:

If I were Matt Nass I would have appealed the judges call, even if there is no chance of an upgrade. He 100% did not deserve an infraction. And if I were Reid I would have said that.

Robert McCarroll says:

That judge should receive an infraction.

Christopher Lundgren says:

In game 3, seems like Nass should have been using his leftover mana on Duke’s EoT to pluck counters off his land. It’s unlikely to get there but why not take advantage. With the Urborg, the Depths can even help pay for itself.

jasonjinx says:

why do they constantly shuffle cards they are holding? some gay ass nervous tick that caught on ?

Data Collaborate says:

Any GP with Creepy Rudy is a good GP.

James Fowler says:

I feel for Reid. This is the worst match for his deck. Just bad is is awl

Jeff Swett says:

No homo, but Reid has that kinda hair you wanna run your fingers through. Maybe it’s just cuz I’ve been bald since 21.

Bob Derpenstein says:

With as “professional” as these guys are, why can’t they keep their shit organized…

Johl Benedict says:

Reid duke is a cuck

VitaKet says:

Turn 1s, mill decks are not fun at all to play or watch… Why I would never play competitive, takes all the fun out of the game.

Ben Little says:

Damn what a couple of professionals. Reid Duke is one of my favorite players and this match show cases why. Good games.

Su0T iN says:

It’s awesome to hear what the players are saying, but other than that, the audio was terrible, we don’t need to hear every announce they make on the hall, and the commentators can be heard at all. That’s terrible.

BNMedia says:

This guy is the master at solitaire. He basically played by himself.

Light of Ryga says:

Wow, coverage with the player audio is WAY better. I mean like 500% better. Please keep it this way, even if you’re not covering the top pros. I can actually follow the action so much easier.

George Colby says:

Both players were upstanding citizens. Judge was a dink.

Frank Castle says:

Got a turn 1 deck, got a force of will? No? You cant play magic.

Dragracingduleist says:

This is why legacy sucks, its not interactive. You either have the answer or lose while watch your opponet play with themself

Dioniso Atlante says:

In competitive extended anyone can win on first turn, even in the 0 lol.

BrennenderDrache says:

Can someone explain please what happens at 17:20. I am a beginner and don’t get it

Nicolas Sproge says:

Man this judge was an ass. This was an easy misunderstanding and could have just said “take it back.” Sometimes Casual play is the best way

Andrew Bowman says:

The judge should not have given Nass a warning, silent gravestone is a relatively new card which Reid may have accidentally overlooked. I️ agree I️t was a mistake but Matt Nass handled the situation properly and the principle of the situation says he wouldn’t get a violation. The spell had not even “resolved” despite having no targets, meaning no time had elotted with respect to the game.

Pierre Morin says:

Game2 Kolaghans Command… I think it is complete bullshit that matt nass is getting a warning for duke’s mistake? What in the actual fuck? Its not like the spell resolved and they passed turns or anything, duke realized HIS mistake seconds after.. why on earth should Nass get any warning? This is why I will never play in competitive events ever again.. I know there are assholes out there who would just abuse of this and get their opponents useless warnings.. fuck this game has become so lame

sagramore1 says:

Fucking judges, now those are some sad mo fuckers

pedro fernandes says:

It’s like yugioh

Justin Viola says:

Someone know what sleeves Reid is using?

Sam W says:

Wow a lot of people don’t like the judges ruling? I mean he could have stated that they could appeal, but Matt Nass said he didn’t care anyway. Also what he said and did is what the rules state.

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