Magic the Gathering GP Santa Clara 2018 Round 1

Team Constructed (Standard, Modern, Legacy)
138 Turtenwald-Duke-Jensen 0 Wendel-Gomez-Gomez 0


JuiceHansen says:

Boo, I was hoping Reid would play legacy.

Jester7 says:

titan shift is such a boring deck,

Shelby 85 says:

I had to mute. This woman is horible and just makes my head hurt.

Felipe Ornellas says:

Casters now nothing about their jobs

WillieRayPR says:

“Tell me a little bit about” (insert literally anything here)

Whisky Tango Foxtrot says:

The lack of knowledge in casters is amazing. Does this female caster know nothing? “What is this” “I believe” “I think”…. It’s like I’m learning how to play magic again with these commenters.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot says:

22:05. Harpy Cackle

Shawn McBride says:

Wow, this coverage is cringe inducing. It’s a shame that watching high level magic play is typically paired with commentary that caters to minimally experienced players. For example, the temur battle rage on the grim flayer is not all that intuitive, as noted by Jacob. However, the team dismisses it as “now it’s huge! … but not big enough to kill him…” No one mentioned that this allowed Reid to essentially scry 3 twice in a matchup where many of his cards are dead G1. Instead the coverage team shrugs and offers insight into card art selection.

Swags Mccool says:

“Tarmogoyf! A card you rarely see alongside death’s shadow”. How tf did wizards choose this coverage staff? Going on mute

christopher lacey says:

what a lucky rip for that 2nd show and tell, lol.. but William played to his outs and that’s how you earn that win! Btw, jesus these commentators even said “doesn’t modern feel unfair” when talking about their legacy match.. wtf?

Swags Mccool says:

When the caster actually thinks that fetch>shock>inquisition indicates eldrazi and taxes. He has no business casting if he makes that dumb of a mistake.

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