Magic the Gathering GP Seattle 2018 Round 5 LEGACY

75: Mollenkopf, Tyler vs. Scott-Vargas, Luis 7: Froehlich, Eric vs. Kinsey, Jeff 88: Huang, Bob vs Nass, Matthew 79: Froehlich, Athena vs. Khare, Anand Legacy


LaserfaceJones says:

If everything in my life I owned turned into cash, I’d play Lands in a heartbeat. Man this deck is sweet.

MTG Player says:

I’m in love with nate

Mordra says:

Land Scott-Vargas

John DiLoreto says:

Why does LSV look like Mac from Always Sunny?

SailinSales says:

he shouldn’t have untapped nettle sentinel at 12:15

Geoff Burrell says:

Yeah LSV! Agreed, Top is lame.

Flex0r75 says:

12:11 LSV passes back to Tyler and he untaps his Nettle Sentinel in his untap step. Even though he conceded after his draw step that isn’t quite how it is supposed to work :’)

Erik Anderson says:

Reid has really grown into a fantastic host over the years, really appreciate his commentary these days.

Eric Ison says:

The way LSV shuffles his deck tilts me

GrizzlyVerne MeinVerne says:

Jesus Christ, *L*anguage *S*ex *V*iolence is so fucking sexy with that beard.

Niels Sørensen says:

Marshal says that LSV dont have experience with the deck, but lsv won a pro tour with it……

Gond says:

Mono Red burn would wreck both those decks turn 3.

kai russell says:

Venereal Disease
Is killing it!

James Fowler says:

Mana bond is sick in lands

Nate Strasburg says:

Mr. LSV I just wanna tell you it was a real pleasure watching you work.

jldrums says:

Marshall Sutcliffe you gap-tooth, LSV ball-gargling, looking like an alcoholic substitute teacher ass. “Oh hey Reid. If you do my job for me because I’m terrible at it I’ll give you a handy.”

jmdamas says:

Luis, do you want a Marit Lage token?

TheLoneDart says:

Luis played that second game so poorly. Multiple brutal plays that gave away some of his control

JynxStep says:

I know it really doesn’t matter since he lost immediately afterwards, but at 23:40, shouldn’t Tyler’s Green Sun’s be countered by Chalice since even though he paid 3 it still has a CMC of 1?

Lluís Mª Bosch says:

31:04 they say that counterbalance is a “french card”. What is the meaning of that?

Duarte Faria says:

Legacy GP and playing elves, looks like a kiddo that starts playing MTG 10 years ago in the era of brainless themed decks, all suffer from the same, no versatility for the competition demand, real decks that make you use your brain will shave themed decks, cause the person who plays it have the mind activated with ingenious thoughts and a lot of ways to get to victory…i play vintage and i have only one deck and every game i discover new interactions between the cards and new nuances, and that is MTG, not pokemon…such a waist of intellect…and Serum Powder would boost even more LSV deck

TheLoneDart says:

Did LSV play a land and then take it back? How is that legal? 4:22

kai russell says:

For those who dont know Lsv stands for ” Luis’s smelly vagina ”

Its his nick name.

Arthur Gusmão says:

Marshall is annoying and ridiculous. Instead of focus his narrative in strategies, gameplay etc….he is just saying how Luis is awesome. Fuck, poor Reid by spending hours of streaming sitted alongside with such a retard

Brian Warner says:

Man that sucks! I would agree with L.S.V. with his deck choice after being gone so long, but it just is not fun to watch a great like him playing such a NERF deck anyway. Hey fuck you if you think I’m insulting the deck because I am not or else I would not have spent 2 years building my own. In fairness it does just sit in the safe. L.O.L.

Jonathan Montgomery says:

Is blood sun better than blood moon against lands?

xDARM3Rx says:

9:57 what the fuck was that

sam rigney says:

That was brutal

Arcane says:

I am going to miss this live coverage. I hope Wizards brings it back soon… 🙁

Eijoyujo 615 says:

So Tabernacle, Vortex, and Chalice plus saw the stage/depths combo why didn’t he concede? I mean what card could he have drawn… Moon I suppose but how do you beat Vortex with lands having infinite R Mana and your elves?

adam helgeson says:

LSV kept his composure together better than he did his first marriage.

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